I Leave you with this …completely uncensored …from a valued Goldtent Contributor / Researcher

“On a personal note and I sincerely hope I offend every mother fucker out in psycopathic land and a special thumbs up to you fucking diaper wearing sheep , especially those still making children wearing masks and waiting for the day you can have your child murdered with this shit. May you rot in a hell alive forever for a hundred million years. You fuckin stupid sick fucks. Now ask me how I really feel.”
Ray from Away.

Oh and here is the link he sent ( for insomniacs)

Wanna Know what’s Really IN the Vaccines ? Well This Guy wanted to know too and he has the know how and the tools to find out.



Are There Parasites in the Pfizer “Vaccines”?

A 50 micron elongated body, as seen in Figure 13 is a sharp mysterious presence in the Pfizer vaccine. It appears and is identified anatomically as a Trypanosoma cruzi parasite of which several variants are lethal and is one of many causes of acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS.[Atlas of Human Parasitology, 4th Edition, Lawrence Ash and Thomas Orithel, pages 174 to 178][8]