This is beyond Important .

This Explains the Emergency Use Authorization and the Reason the Approved Version ..Comirnaty …is not available…YET

This also Explains why they are targeting the Kids Now !

YOU must have this information…I repeat !!!


This was sent from Steve Kirsch.

Do you know the difference between the Pfizer EUA vaccine and the approved vaccine COMIRNATY?
Do you know why COMIRNATY isn’t available anywhere?
Do you know if it is even approved?
Are vaccine mandates legal?
Are employers that mandate vaccination, then fire you if you refuse, liable for damages?

If you know the answers to all of these questions, then there is no need to watch my latest interview of Alix Mayer, President of Children’s Health Defense, California.

But if you don’t, watch it now. You’ll be very pleasantly surprised


Fully’s Warning the Interviewer / Moderator is a complete Pain in the Ass and needs to shut the f**K up and let this woman speak… But We MUST have this information nonetheless .


We are really up against a well Planned Plague Upon Humanity .And it appears more and more to be all about the “Business Model ” of these Drug Lords. Criminal Beyond Belief.

To Summarize

1…There are 4 requirements for an EUA

To Keep the “Emergency” Alive They have to keep coming with more “Variants” all the time .

2…EUA Drugs come with a 100% Liability Shield for the Manufacturer…BUT an Approved Drug has No such Liability ( Unless it is also approved for Kids Under 18 and in fact Mandated for them )

3…As Such No one can mandate that you must take this shot. Biden is breaking the Law with his mandates .

4…Comirnaty is NOT “Approved” and as such all Vaccines are still EUA . IF Comirnaty were approved then there would BE an “Alternative” treatment and the EUA Pfizer vaxx would be Null and Void and Adults receiving this “product” could sue Pfizer . Comirnaty is NOT even in Production .

5….Pfizer and the FDA have said the EUA Version and Comirnaty are materially Identical but “Legally” Distinct. However a Federal Judge has Ruled this is NOT the Case . This has Thrown monkey wrench into the Plan.

6…Whats the Plan ?

They want to vaxx all kids and use this as a “study” to prove The Vaccine is Safe and Effective and needs to be in a “schedule” to be mandated for all kids under 16 in order for them to attend school.

If they can get this done then they can approve Comernaty and there will be a Full Liability Protection for ALL age groups.

There is an archaic Law from 1986 which grants this strange situation. IF a Drug is mandated in the Kids Vaccine Schedule it will also be Liability Shielded for the Manufacturer in ALL Age Groups

So They will then be able to Mandate that EVERYONE must be Vaccinated Unless the Courts rule that the treacherous game Pfizer and the FDA are playing was intended to deceive …as one court has essentially already ruled.

7…Any Employer or School who “Mandates and EUA drug IS Liable to be Sued by an employee or student who has been injured or Killed. This obviously applies to Thousands of people ( millions ?) and will be a huge existential problem for these Employers and Schools going forward.