Here my 13-year chart for the USD-BRL (exchange USD for Brazilian Real). I follow USD-BRL as it is my interest while living in Brazil although I exchange EUR for BRL. Also, it predicts (some of) the direction for commodities which IMO, which still will take some TIME before commodities (and EM) will rise in earnest, and such will be into the stratosphere but such for another post.

(click chart to enlarge)

Since 2011 ($GOLD-TOPs), USDBRL has been rising equal declining purchasing power for Brazilians. For foreigners, it is the opposite as getting more BRL for either USD or EUR. In general, there could be two waves. First from 2011-2015 where the exchange rose 175%. The 2nd wave can be measured from 4.25 and makes PO 11.72.

Alternate view: from 2011-2020 (1.50 – 5.84) for HALFWAY (makes 290%) gives PO 18.02 (measured from 4.62).

On short-term basis; the vertical GREY LINE gives us around 16-November and if charted cycles are correct. USDBRL could decline to the BLACK FORK (coming week) but needs to HOLD. The 4.25 HOR.LINE has not been tested and does not have to as USDBRL is in progress for completing the RED BULL FLAG which could be HALFWAY towards 8.88 which will be 2nd RED WAVE.

Armstrong has a PANIC CYCLE (for April 2023 for BRL) so that will push it higher from here – IMO.

I expect USD-BRL to top out in either 2024 (maybe 2025) and/or possibly 2026/2027. This matches the USD long-term (monthly) chart (see below). Commodities and EM will rise in earnest from one of these moments. In due time as we come closer, more data and insights will be available and we will be able to determine the TURN more precisely.

For now and in coming years turbulent times for USDBRL and (possibly for) EM as well.

As for recent political developments in BRAZIL. Times are extremely interesting and GIVE HOPE for BRAZILIANS. I get to learn about Brazil since 2010 and as I planned to move there I analyzed the country. From personal experience . . . Brazil is like a (little) child. People are not stupid but dumb. They only think at the moment ‘NOW’. If they could get a $1.00 now but $10.00 tomorrow they would choose the $1.00 (simply put). They are terribly religious (Catholic), more inland than metropoles. They would swindle their neighbor, friend, or family member if they see an opportunity; always thinking about money. The Sunday thereafter they go to church and believe all is forgiven and start swindling again the following week.

Brazilians have always believed in their ‘Golden Moment’. They believe it is their inherited right for some reason. But they fail to understand it is up to each and every one. A good example was the World Cup Football (I believe 2014) followed by the Olympic Games (2016). Once this became official, the people went nuts; finally, the ‘Golden Moment’ arrived. Suddenly all prices (as noticed in Rio de Janeiro) skyrocketed and doubled at the least. The Brazilian laid back, went into chill-status awaiting the ‘award’ cause they believe they deserved it. It failed miserably as after 2016 prices plummeted and the economy declined.

What the Brazilian failed to understand is that when the opportunity arises, one needs to take it with both hands, and work hard for it to be able to harvest the fruits. And so the Golden opportunity was lost instantly; blew away with the wind. Brazil was not able to follow through!

The examples laid out here above show that Brazil is like a (little) child. If one compares a nation evolving like a ‘Human Life Cycle Stages’ then Brazil is JUST NOW experiencing its stage of adolescence with recent elections (2022). Such is positive going forward as long as they do not give in to the (alleged) fraudulent election.

Former president Lula has been sentenced as corrupt and fraudulent. Bolsonaro is a former military captain and has a hard hand. Very strong against criminality which was a big problem when Lula was president. Bolsonaro gives more rights to defend oneself, attack drug gangs, and so on. Bolsonaro also already believed that if he would lose the election he would expect fraud which apparently has already been proven. Similar to the USA-2020 elections. The Globalists do not like Tropical T rump and therefore appointed a (proven corrupt) puppet (Lula). Bolsonaro is against in je ct ions although has not had enough power against coercion as governors seem to be able to overrule.

Brazil President Bolsonaro ignores the emasculated Justin Trudeau.

Brazil WARNS OF MASS DEATH From Jab! – WHO Head Confronted! – Bolsonaro: “People Are Dying!”

Based Bolsonaro Shatters the Narrative and Drops Several COVID Truth Bombs

Even though I am against the policy of demolition of the Amazon (allowing mining under Bolsonaro), under Lula such would probably be prolonged. Lula would give grants to all the poor people (again money for nothing – expecting everything for free). Poor people would be opiated with free money (under Lula) and made ready for CBDC not to realize that within 1-year time inflation goes 50-100%. Such I expect anyway, even under Bolsonaro. It is inevitable – hence look at the projection of my chart.

What you see below are demonstrations of Brazilians AGAINST the fraudulent elections. This is MASSIVE. Brazilians go for FREEDOM as they do not like what they see coming with Lula.

Biden Regime’s CIA Director Issued Warning In Brazil, Meddling In Other Country’s Elections – Tucker

Although some videos show looting, trucks blocking roads, military entering cities . . . demonstrations are peaceful and pro-Bolsonaro. Such could change if Lula persists in its victory.

With Bolsonaro fighting for TRUE DEMOCRACY, it is fighting against the Collective West. It is important to understand the fight Bolsonaro gives determines the future of BRIC+ and forecasts the demise of the Collective West. Therefore the Brazilian elections stand for more than one would think. OUR FREEDOM and in the end even the Freedom for the people of the Collective West!

The stage of adolescence BRAZIL is experiencing now is not only promising for Brazil and Brazilians solely but will have tremendous POSITIVE EFFECT for the FUTURE of the Free World.