A few Years ago I became interested in Climate.

I was in the middle…wanting to hear both sides

We had a Poster you remember Northstar…who was a budding prolific chartist

he was also a UK Meteorologist who I think was working in some capacity for the Government

I asked him about the Climate Concerns regarding Man Made Climate Problems and He claimed it absolutely was a BIG Concern. I kind of bought into it after that

Then I came across an article disputing Climate Change…a very well put together piece…and I asked Northstar what he thought of it….It is still on the sidebar…somewhere way down there.

He freaked out and left the site and is now a Twitter celebrity of sorts along with fellow ex Goldtenter Patrick.

Today of course I am convinced its all a hoax..which leads me to my point.

There are a LOT ( Millions upon millions) of folks who were all in on the Climate “Emergency” and Green Revolution Thing (because they only got their info from MSM as did I)…who will now question it all…because of their experience of waking up to the Great Virus Hoax..and how the MSM is nothing but a paid advertiser for Gov’t Policy…which seems to be to reduce the people to 100% dependency on Government. Many if not MOST former MSM news watchers are Now Getting thier information from Alt sites line Substack and all the many excellent others we here follow.

SO….This time around I think we will see ALL over the Planet …pushback beyond what the cretins expected and can handle.

It is starting already…..Covid caught us ALL off guard

Climate Crisis…..we are ready to call it what it is…BULLSHIT…we will not comply

Witness this post from 2020