Re : Portfolio Performance Post from North :

OK you Slackers
Back to Work
I love the enthusiasm here and I am sure happy to be associated with you all.

You all were a community waiting to happen .6 months ago we had 2 regular posters

Eagle Seagle and Mark….with a few others dropping by from time to time.

But the content has always been good . Honest 2 way analysis. And it just keeps getting better…with the likes of Jordan from The Daily Gold and Gary from Notes from the Rabbit Hole joining the discussion. and the likes of Surf City our resident Forkcyclist….and all the bright new Chartologists …

This is a Gold Think tank

this is like winning the first round of the playoffs. Now we need to continue to be objective to predict what comes next.

It sure does feel good to be Bullish again I tell you. After being freakishly bullish well past Gold’s Best before Date…I was slow to the draw and lost a lot before recognizing there was a really Brutal Bear about the PM markets

So it feels good to participate in this lightning fast out of the Blue Baby Bull.

But lets stop the whooping and hollering at the expense of those who got temporarily left behind so far. That could easily have been you on the sidelines.

I takes a leap of faith to go from hard core bear to tentative bull. We were fortunate to have members who actually saw the bottom happening in real time. I a sure you all are appreciative to these guys …but lets not let their heads get too big 🙂

Its damn hard to get convinced fast enough to get on the baby bull…it didn’t even take time to learn how to stand up

Came out of the womb…Running ! Stampede ! Baby HUI is a mean little buggar…

But alas Mr Market has his ways of humbling everyone and anyone

I can easily see myself on the sidelines and getting bulcers. heck I am in lots of juniors I never heard of and I am getting bulcers too. Tried to hedge 6 different times with DUST…lost 5 times

So OK … a Community….. Goldtent has been all over this Baby Bull. Way to go all !

“We Give You Profits…Now see that you can Keep them ”

So lets take that confidence and channel it into this PM market going forward

No more Taunting the Group that missed the move….This Baby Bull in PM Stocks Especially was so startlingly sudden and strong….That it really was likely only a small % of Goldophiles lucky enough to recognize this.


We WILL be tested…and its gonna hurt and some will cave..only to chase later

No Complacency …Keep an objective and open mind. …But right now this does feel like the exciting start of a Good Bull Run .

As we say at the Rambus Chartology Round table

All for One and One for All.