Jeff Childers does a great job of explainig this very technical Study which annihilates the Safe part of the Safe and Effective narrative.. It is still”effective” though…it effectively has an infinite number of ways of maiming and killing YOU.

See the first Comment for the analysis .

PS he explains how the authors got it by the censors at the “Highly Respected” Science Journal where it was published NATURE .

Jeff beleives THIS is the one that will take Pfizer and the whole MRNA Industrial Complex Down


Fully’s short summary : The MRNA cause , about 1/3 of the time , NOT only spike proteins to be synthsized in your cells but also trillions of random deranged proteins …POTENTIALLY IN PERPETUITY. Note this does not mean that 2/3s of “Cases” ie people have dodged this bullit . It means that out of a trillion cell interactions with these mrna “packets” on average about 300 Million times ( in Every Jabbed Patient) The cells produce nonsensical random proteins…so it’s EVERYONE



Here’s the simple version: the researchers discovered that a necessary ingredient in the mRNA vaccines (1-methylpseudouridine) has an unfortunate side-effect: it messes up RNA translation one-third of the time by slipping a gear every so often. Instead of making the intended spike protein, these tiny mistranslational slip-ups create … other things. Other kinds of proteins. New ones.

And there’s no way at all to predict what kind of protein it will create. It’s stochastic (completely random).

The ‘vaccine’ creates stochastic proteins one third of the time. In one-third of cells, not people, like the Telegraph again mis-reported. There are trillions of mRNA packages in each shot. So — unless I’m missing something — what the study is saying, without actually saying it, is that this is happening inside every single jab recipient.

And it’s happening a lot.