Shout out to Kewl2 who found and broke this story before anyone out there here at the Tent

Jeff Childers and RFK are Beleivers

Robert Kennedy, Jr., is apparently seeing the same evidence that I am, and is reaching a similar conclusion: that the government’s covid response, and then the vaccine rollout, were military operations right from the first face mask announcement. Particularly from the documents Sasha Latypova has heroically collected, it appears that the military somehow licensed the mRNA vaccine technology (through one or more cutouts) to Moderna and Pfizer, rather than those companies “discovering” or “inventing” the technology themselves.

It seems reasonable that the if the military had an emergency drug recipe, it would use private contractors to manufacture, ship, and support billions of doses of the drug; those aren’t normal military functions. So Pfizer and Moderna were likely just military contractors operating under classified contracts, some of which Sasha Latypova has uncovered.

But I want to be clear: there is currently insufficient evidence to conclude that the military orchestrated the pandemic response rather than just helped carry out the Executive Branch’s plan. I’m not sure anymore whether that matters. However, a non-sinister role for the military is hard to square with the fact that the government intentionally obscured the military’s role, purposely play-acting to hide how intensely the pandemic response was in fact a military operation.

There were lots of reasons to do it that way. For example, because the pandemic response was a military action, the government benefitted from a lot of legal shortcuts, such as the thirty-day, truncated FDA-approval cycle. Ask yourself: who told the FDA to throw out all its normal approval procedures, and just rubber-stamp the vaccines? Did the military pull rank on the FDA, perhaps using some obscure emergency authority allowing it freedom to act if the United States is forced to respond to a biological weapons attack on the homeland?

Remember: disgraced public health officials Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins both knew from day one that the virus was manmade; it’s right in the February 2020 emails. It’s true that they illegally tried to keep the public from finding out, but it’s also true that over a dozen scientists were independently contacting both officials, and they were all saying the same thing: this virus is not natural (so it might be a bioweapon).

It was also telling that the FDA’s lawyers argued to a judge that it would take them 75 years to review all the FDA documents Pfizer had submitted to support approval of its mRNA shot. How could it both be true that it only took thirty days for FDA scientists to carefully analyze Pfizer’s documentation to ensure safety, efficacy, and regulatory compliance, but also that the lawyers would need 75 YEARS to to redact social security numbers from the exact same paperwork?

I used to think the lawyers lied to keep the documents from coming out; but now I’m wondering if it might have been the other way around. Maybe the truth is the FDA scientists never reviewed all that paperwork. Maybe the mRNA vaccines came out of the government’s emergency-response toolkit, and no drug approval was required. The military doesn’t NEED to wait for regulatory approval for its defensive countermeasures deployed during an enemy attack using biological weapons of mass destruction.

If the pandemic response WAS a military operation, it isn’t clear yet what it would imply. Here are three possibilities: It would probably mean the government’s lie was even bigger than we thought. It would raise the question of whether covid IS in fact a bio-weapon. And that would raise the question of WHOSE bio-weapon it was — ours or someone else’s?