This guy is brilliant the way he explains this miracle of life and how our cells transcribe mRNA AND what can go wrong. Fascinating is too mild a word for this.

Interesting there is NO Proof that the “Spike” protein produced by the cells in response to the injected mRNA actually is the same as the “Wild” virus Spike. The who concept of hijacking your cells to accurately reproduce a pathogen is ludicrous…a Million things can and DO go wrong with this bullshit technology . It is TOO complex to manufacture this concoction they shoot into you body and IMPOSSIBLE to expect uniform results . Furthermore it is produced in Thousands of labs around the world with inadequate checks and balances or proper monitoring .

Chis eloquently explains the complexities …once you hear it you immediately KNOW that this shit could NEVER work ….and because of the complex nature of the manufacturing process AND the complex nature of how your cells transcribe the information …there is certainty that in a LOT of Cases things WILL go wrong and if you are the one…it can maim and or kill you.



Get This….The Pfizer Australia Employees ( who were mandated by the company to be vaxxed) got to choose the batch they received and these batches were very limited in production . The Bad Batches were known and shown to have caused deaths and the analysis showed something had gone awry with the batches yet they continued to use them…can you say Murder


Turns out “They” extended the use by date on 8 batches for many extra months ( WITHOUT ANY REASON GIVEN) …and of these 8 batches 4 of them were implicated in THE Multiple Deaths reported …GROSS NEGLIGENCE !

WOAH 3 !

It gets worse …The Outdated batches were sent to Providers of Disability Residential Accommodation . In other words they know that outdated vaccines were dangerous and unstable so they sent them to the disabled !!

I think we will be hearing a lot more about this …

Thanks Brian

and Thanks “Jiggy” whoever you are for this incredible deep dive into this archaic world of Vaccine Manufacturing and Monitoring and Distribution .

We have a team of Experts that will go to ALL lengths to catch these bastards so they can be held accountable