This Video and This Website came to me from Chris in Ontario

I urge you all to take the time to read , digest , understand , and appreciate what this man

Christopher James is saying here . His Site is Caller “A Warrior Calls”

It’s a little difficult initially to navigate and understand where he is coming from , but well worth the effort ( I am just beginning to get it ) .

In Essence Common Law Rules and Common Law says NO Corporation nor it’s Agents has any authority over a Man or a Woman. …and All Governments are in Essence and in Name… Corporations.

Here is a webinar ( I think you have to join the see it) I just watched where he lays it all out there.

He doesn’t sugar coat it but the upshot is we will come out of this finally free from the bondage “THEY” have placed on free men and women all over the planet .

Definitely a different approach …which takes some focus to comprehend.

Here is the Webinar ( There is a Great Hard Rock Tune to start and no way to fast forward ..if this is not your cup of tea…just skip this and check out the interview below)

NOW here is a practical example of how this Man has helped this Business owner already to be rid of the Persecution he suffered in Burlington Ontario recently

I KNOW THIS IS A LOT TO ABSORB ( I AM JUST BEGINNING) ..I will link this at the TOP of the sidebar for all to continue to reference and study….and hopefully those who take the time will continue to leave comments and we can all undertake to understand this together


Start here :

Foundational Knowledge 1

Foundational Knowledge 2

Foundational Knowledge 3

Another Site ( in the UK ) with more information