My Mind is boggling !

I was suspicious that I and many co workers and family members and friends had experienced Covid this winter

Starting in Early November …I thought it was the worst Flu I ever experienced…it returned over and over again …most of the symptoms that covid sufferers experience…the profound fatigue lasted until the end of feb

If I had this illness starting in feb ..i would have been certain it was covid.

So I did some google research and found that many areas in the world were reporting severe flu like symptoms as far back as November

Then the Bombshell

This event was HUGE and it ended Oct 27th…It’s scale was the order of the Olympics !! And NO ONE MENTIONED IT ??

We live close to the largest Military Base in Canada Base Borden.

We have many patients from there and the adjacent civilian town of Angus.

Alfa8 can confirm I sent her an email regarding this finding a month ago.

I have been in contact with my local health unit about this and they had not heard of the Military games and are looking into a possible connection.

I had never seen an article implicate the Wuhan Military Games as a vehicle to spread this virus world wide.

So I just googled Wuhan Military Games Covid and THIS came up.

Some will revile at the opening paragraphs as the author praises China for their handling of the virus…but GET Past that and look at the theory that the virus started at a military base in USA and was brought to Wuhan by military personel who were housed blocks from the Wuhan Wet Market .

This is freaking me out.

More : Is this Patient Zero ?

More Coincidence ?

Wuhan Military games began Oct 18 2019..The same day as Bill Gates “Event 201”