This is hugely disturbing and I believe it is exactly what will happen.

This is why Fauci the Snake did not lift a finger to lower the Threshold Cycle of the PCR test even though he agreed that 100% of positive tests when more than 35 cycles were done are FALSE. Over 30 cycles and 80% are still false. The correct setting would be 25 cycles at which there would be very few “cases”

Already he has done a 180 flip from saying we are in for years more of lockdowns to saying we will end the pandemic with a vaccine.

Already Ticketmaster has said you will need a vaccine certificate to attend concerts.

From Jon Rappaport…Pass it on

It’s always been about selling a Vaccine…which is not only useless and unneccesary but very likely toxic .

The bottom line is This “pandemic” is LAB created and LAB controlled….by a simple fraud of Controlling the amplifications used to declare “Positive Case” and Medically Created by the simple “amplification” of Deaths using bullshit death certificates

Anecdotally..I know a nurse at the largest hospital in my area…she says it’s quiet there…people are afraid to come in with real issues …but there are very few people there with pneumonia . If you come in with a heart attack they do a Covid “assessment” a cough and sniffle is enough to call you a covid hospitalzsation.

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PS…Trump knew all of this

This is why he was supportive of warp speed. He needed to take credit for stopping the pandemic away from these fraudulent scumbags in “public health ”

If you would like to explain this all to another person who does not know much about science or math and cares even less.

There have forever always been cold and flu causing viruses surrounding us at low unperceived levels.

After a Sever Flu Outbreak in China the science and health fraternity postulated it was cause by a new virus.

They postulated a tiny piece of its make up could be detected with a test.

They amplified the test to levels that would detect this little tiny piece of DNA even if it was in such low levels as to not be causing any symptoms.

In essence they took something that is below the threshold of awareness and made it so big that we were now aware of it

Like an imperceptible sound , they can control “cases” by turning up the volume and can magically make them disappear by turning it back down.

The Vaccine can even be saline…and it will WORK.

In fact that would be the best case scenario ( but how would we know ? )


There is virtually No more flu …so covid has just replaced the Flu.

Its the latest Respiratory Virus with no more mortality that the others..IF it exists at all.

There are no more deaths this year in the whole word than last year or the year before

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No more deaths this year in Ontario , In Canada < In Sweden and other places...see links on tthe sidebar