It’s Saturday Night . A quiet time if there is one any more.

I just came accross this 2 hour presentation

I think we owe it to ourselves to get a True Perspective of a Place we hear about almost exclusively from the Main Stream Deep State Media .

Mathew Eret is a Canadian Historian Emeritus. Frankly he understands China like no one we have ever come across

And I am thinking….What is more important than understanding China at this point in history

Through many great commentators we highlight here we all have come to understand Russia more than we could have done had there been no War.

Now Continuing Our World Class Education towards our Goldtent PHD lets get some fresh and honest perspective on the Most Important Place on the Planet

Here are the Topics Covered

• A 3000 year overview of China and the roots of the Belt and Road: Has it ever acted like an empire?
• The American connection to China’s revolution and President Sun Yat-sen
• Economic collapse in China with stock market and Evergrande bankruptcy where will it lead
• Is Xi Jinping a good guy or a bad guy? (and is it true that China kicked out Soros, saved the world from the green climate nazis, Shut down woke agenda and reformed banking?)
• How to understand the CPC and fifth column deep state inside of China
• Did China create/deploy covid onto the world via the Wuhan lab or is something being left out of this conversation?
• What is behind the “China wants to Invade Taiwan” narrative?
• What’s the deal with the massive surveillance state/social credit system in China?
• Are the “Two Michaels” Canadian heroes or Soros-connected creeps?
• Is Huawei a Chinese spy machine infiltrating our free and democrating west?
• Uyghur genocide and retraining camps: Fact or Fiction?
• Tibetan independence crushing: Fact or Fiction?
• Organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners: Fact or Fiction?
• Hong Kong democracy and Taiwan democracy fighters: Defenders of freedom or useful idiots used to advance color revolution?
• Chinese police stations and Chinese election interference: Fact or Fiction?
• Is it true that Christian culture and Chinese culture are incompatible as asserted by Samuel Huntington and Steve Bannon OR are common moral principles found in both systems?

All of these questions and more will be addressed in the following show.

Note : The first hour is all about the history Of China …fascinationg . If you are more interested in the Now… Starting with Xi Xin Ping start at the 1 hour mark

Partial Summary

…..Since Xi took over in 2012 The Chinese have pulled 1 BILLION people out of Poverty
In 1965 only 3% were considered middle class…now its 53%


The 3 Stories we all believe which show China is a Btural Totalitarian State are all CIA Bulshit Ops

…Falun Gong while at its roots is a beautiful spirItual practice …in reality is controlled by a CIA sontrolled Lunatic who lives in a mansion in New York and is basically the head of an Orgainzation akin to The Church of Scientology…so of course they are not welcome in Chinese Society

…Tibet ( Dalai Llama is also a CIA operative and a pedophile to boot ) Since it has been taken as a Province of China the average lifespan has increased from 38 to 74

…Uighers…The Muslim Population in that North Western Province has doubled under Xi…Rumours of persecution Organ Harvesting and Concentration camps are…you guessed it…A product of the CIA
There were many Muslim terrorists backed by the US on the border with Afghanistan …these have been rounded up and placed in re-education camps where they also learn a trade. They are then released into society and are becoming productive members and supporters.


…George Soros…yes his Influence was GREAT…He was behind the 1989 attempted Color revolution that very nearly was successful. His operatives ( many thousands ) have been jailed and his open society NGOs have been dismantelled .

In effect Xi and his Party have actually Drained the Swamp in China …SUCCESSFULLY…and the people are thriving like never before. They own property…the system is a form of capitalism . They encourage entrenpreneurship ..The Country is far ahead of wny western Country in Many ways…the most spectacular of which is the High Speed Transportation system.


China under Xi has rejected the Globalists Climate Agenda completely …they are increasing their mining and use of Fossil Fuels…especially Coal…making all Climate initiatives every where else MOOT.


Taiwan is an autonomous Province of China and is recognized as such by 90% of the Countries in the world including USA. China does not want nor need to attack Taiwan. The rising opposition party is poised to win the next election and they are PRO China. They are in meetings with the Chinese Officials to strengthen Ties and promote One China.


The Chinese Police Stations Story ( in Canada and elsewhere) is also CIA Psyop BS . These small offices are offshoots from the Chinese Consolates which exist to help Chinese nationals and students living in Canada with paperwork etc.
Same with Chinese Election interference ..totally fabricated


Huawei had to be eliminated because the Deep State saw it as a threat to its Surveilance Monopoly


The Two Canadian heros known as the 2 Michaels were direct agents of George Soros ….they were eventually exchanged for the CEO of Huawei


There is No Centralized Social Credit Score system in China . Matt exlains there are localized systems that for instance would lower your ability to get a Uber type ride if you have been agressive with a driver in the past for example


China in its LONG history has NEVER been Imperialist nor had designs for world dominance