OK…I admit it up front. I simply do not want to believe the Apocalypse Theories . I have no more reason to try to see if Armstrong “The Forecaster” is the real deal or if he is a scam artist .

Call me an Ostrich if you like . I just cannot accept blindly that ONE man is such a genius that he created a super computer what is ALWAYS precisely Correct in ALL it’s calls .

Over the Years I have waffled back and forth from believing Armstrong is who he says he is and believing he is full of shit .

Recently I have been reading everything he writes with bated breath. After all he claims he is called in to Advise Sovereign Nations and that he was jailed because he knew too much and that he has shaken hands with Klaus Schwab. And then there is the “Forecaster” a slick entertaining movie which put Marty on a Pedestal on a par with the real Socrates .

But Now with his proclamation that WW3 and the Annihilation of the West is at hand ( as posted by Spock this morning) I decided it’s time to try to understand what His Socrates Computer is all about and what it’s track record really is .

Now we know that “Fact Checkers” are mostly bullshit so I will keep this in mind but I have come across

This long detailed “analysis” of Marty and his infallible machine . Someone spent a lot of time and effort to “critique” this guy ….so I present the link here for all to peruse.

It will take a long time to unpack all of this considering the links provided . I would like to see what each of you think of this piece and it’s validity . One thing for sure it is THUROUGH and Incriminating to say the least.


Here is a link within the link specifically showing how Socrates completely missed the Crude Panic in 2020



Socrates Subscriber Testimonials



On a personal note I can say that back in the day when Armstrong was worshiped as the be all and end all trader to follow , I bought his Gold and Silver Platinum and Palladium Forecast from Princeton Economics International ( circa 2014 ) …I was packed full of forecasts for the 2 metals in every currency Imaginable…I found that to be ludicrous …I saved it for a rainy day

I could not make heads or tails of what he was saying . It honestly was so confusing and convoluted that I gave up. But one thing for sure…it was WRONG on every level for Gold

Dear Gary
Thank you for purchasing the 2014 Precious Metals report. Due to the size of the report it will be sent as four parts in four separate emails. Please find part three attached to this email:

Part One – Gold
Part Two – Gold (Continued)
Part Three – Silver
Part Four – Platinum, Palladium and Copper
Please contact us at clientservices@princetoneconomicsintl.com if you have any issues or request more information with regards to reports and services, we will do our upmost to get back to you as soon as possible.

Best Regards,
Princeton Economic

I kept part 4 for some reason and I just reviewed it …It is incredibly detailed and long including many historical references etc but the bottom line is it is completely undecipherable for trading…Huge ranges is his arrays and graphs …it’s overwhelming to say the least…cant post it it’s a PDF but what use was it ? Zero . NO WAY that one man could have produced this document..Army’s Army ?

What strikes me is that his economic “Confidence” Model has been constructed upon Cycles that he claims have repeated for 3 thousand years. How the F**K does he analyse what happened 1000 years before Christ..for Christ sake. I remember he claimed to do so by examining Coins and Pottery and ruins from those times.

And one last thing…which means nothing BUT…he just Looks like a shady Character.

Anyhow this is just my attempt at scrutinizing a Guy ( Human after all) and his Computer which is presented as ALL Knowing Infallible Modern day Nostradamus .

WTF do I know ?

PS…You don’t hear about Princeton Economics International anymore but …Here it is Googled

3 Trillion in assets under control in 1998 ?



I dunno guys…i just dunno…anything