This Doctor who has studied these issues says you cannot come from a position of beeing 100% sure that everything the CDC says is true and just follow along..nor take the position everything they say is

( Watch the Interview if you can..very easy to understand this Doctor)


1…mRNA Vaccines are they “safe?” ..Inconclusive and still a lot of questions short and long term

2…Masks are they effective ?..Defininitive NO

3…Assymptomatic Spread ?…Definitive No

4….WHOs new Definition of Herd Immunity and should people who had the disease need to get vaccinated
This is nonsensical and hard to understand why this is recommended

5….Should we be vaccinated every year with the same formula as CDC suggests even though there will be mutations which have no proof of efficacy ?
Great Big Question of motives for this

6…Death Stats ? Looking deeper into CDC stats ..yes there were 250,000 more deaths than expected in 2020…but the reason is not so evident..Could be all covid but many other factors

7….Why is CDC so resistant to effective safe inexpensive treatment protocols like steroids and HCQ and Vitamin and Ivermectin …but willing to promote expensive antivirals and unproven vaccines instead
Huge red flag on what the CDCs motives are here

Both sides explored…1 Hour if you are interested in the balanced approach to analysis

The Take Away…All things considered from an unbiased examination of the data and science (with the exception of Number 6) our analysis here has been spot on .

Taking Number 6 at face value…T

There is a disease killing more people in the USA but measures to prevent it have proven useless
and not based in science

Vaccines are NOT proven effective or safe nor necessary at all

CDC does not seem concerned with natural prevention nor simple remedies
only with promoting new experimental drugs and vaccines.