We Speculate a lot here all day every day about a lot of things. But This One Thing is the only one thing that is 100% FOR SURE 🙂

So How many people make their “transition” every year.

I found only One Site with One Chart that answers this simple question.


Looks like there’s a Bull Market in Death

Now According to this site


there have been 55,250,000 deaths in the world so far

148,000 a day
23 more days this year
3,400,000 more to go ( I am trying not to be one ) 🙂

So the total for 2020 will be 58,650,000
This is an increase from….. 58,390,000 in 2019

So unless Trump drops a Nuclear bomb on Beijing in the next 3 weeks
260,000 more will die in 2020 than in 2019

Thats a .5% increase
But the net Population growth .. Births minus deaths this year will be.. 80,000,000
That’s a 1% increase this year.

In 2018 there were 57,630,000 deaths
In 2019 there were 58,390,000 deaths
So the increase was 760,000 year over year 2018 to 2019

Do you see a problem here ?

The increase will be 260,000 year over year 2019 to 2020

Do you see a World Wide Pandemic Here ?

What we have here is a Hyper Focus on ONE disease …an Hyper Focus on “cases” found by testing mostly asymptomatic people for a dubious virus with a dubious test.

Yes People are in the hospital and yes some are dying from Viral Pneumonia and a lot of other things too.

But would we even notice them if the WHO had not declared a Pandemic and Started Counting cases and deaths WITH the dubious virus with the dubious tests ?

This analysis says NO we would NOT !

Actually There is NO Comeback to this Analysis . You don’t need ANY other Analysis . Stop the Madness.

The increase in Deaths year over year has decreased by 67% in 2020 as compared to the increase in 2019.

2020 in hindsight will have been a very good year for those who like to avoid death.


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