Dinesh Desouza is a gem ! ” Climate Change Zealots have been 100% wrong 100% of the time and have the most dismal record of any scientific hypothesis !”

Personally I have lost ALL respect for Climatologists (weather men) who buy into the narrative that Governments can control the Climate ! They are absolutely just as Full of Shit as the Covidiots that think 3 masks can contain a virus that has never been remotely shown to exist.

We had a “weather man” here in the past who was certain all of this was accurate…so many of them out there who are so pompous they think THEY have learned How to Control the Earths Ecosystems aka Climate.

Common Sense has left the Building and we are at the mercy of the Bottom 2% of Scientists who got Government “JOBS” so they can confirm Government BS…these are the morons who cannot get real jobs !