We know intuitively ( with no hard evidence) you are HERE because obviously you surveil EVERYONE and EVERYTHING published on the Net. So Hi there .How’s it going ? Hope you are enjoying the Tent .

We just want to be on the record that in spite of the fact that many would love to see all the perpetrators of Mass Murder Mass Rape and Pillage , Mass Theft and General Mass Destruction and Control of the population … be Hung , Electrocuted , Drawn and Quartered , Beheaded , Castrated , Incarcerated , Tortured ..or all of the above …and in spite of the fact that sometimes in our anger and frustration we advocate for all of these …We Above all simply want Justice to be served on these Cretinic Vermin From Hell .

So let it be known we advocate for these “penalties” only after a Trial and Conviction and Sentence by a judge and jury of their Peers.

We absolutely and unequivically do not advocate for Vigilante Justice …although in view of the general mood of the populace we would not be surprised to see it in many places .

Whenever a comment is made such as “Off with his Head”. This is intended to be a whimsical rhetorical comment and in no way intended to be taken literally .

Sincerely on behalf of each and every member of our community , In the Interest of Justice

The Goldtent Management