OK….No Politics ( unless I say so) 🙂

Obviously this is an Historic time in the USA

Trump is President . There are Massive Demonstrations ( mostly peaceful for the time being) against him.

Many are calling for a Coupe as he is considered Illegitimate.

This Thread will NOT discuss whether you support him or not .

But I think it is constructive to discuss what will happen going forward and how you think it will effect the PM Market vis a vis particularly the Dollar .

1…Will His Admin be Paralysed due to the huge popular uprising ?
2…Will the National Guard / Police / Military support / protect him
3….Will he be Shot / Impeached ?
4…Will these demonstrations wane in short order ?
5….Will he Prevail and proceed with his Policies.
6…What Policies will affect the Dollar and therefore Gold and how so?

Ok…please have at it.