A Brilliant response I received from on David Smith who is Senior Analyst for the Morgan Report ( David Morgan Silver Guru Extrodinare)

David and David wrote the Book

“Second Chance” in 2016

The book was spot on …prophetic AND profetic 🙂

Still Current and Highly recommended if you want to make and keep your pot of gold !


Here is David’s message :

De nada, Gary. You guys deserve it.

Reading Rambus is like sipping on fine high-altitude Argentine Tacana wine. You let it roll over your tongue and mind, and it sinks into the creases of your subconscious and starts lighting up new synapses.

Plunger dives into the subject like a Stuka and drops his bomb(s) square on the target every time!

Rambus gets to the Winner’s Table like an old-money Aristocrat who knows the value of generational wealth. Like the late Sir John Templeton. “A third in Land. A third in Art. A third in Gold.”

Plunger is the North American version of Japan’s “Sword Saint” Miyamoto Musashi. At some point he (and I) will “Think only of the cut.”
Your blood cringes when you read his analyses. He calls out the animal spirits. I who have waited since 1980 to “get it right” – maybe in a way that’s even bigger than my biggest picture can envision. That’s what I see happening with Buffet’s volte-face. I hold a number of Plunger’s picks here as “Pareto Principle” picks, where I anticipate that 20% of my holdings might payout to me 80% of my winnings, with as Sprott’s Peter Grosskopf says, “the other 80% will more or less subtract from that total.”

This too is my last metal’s sector investment rodeo, and I’ll spare no effort to correct and override all the investment mistakes I’ve made since I first bot physical silver at $4.23 in the early 70’s and had my fire lit by Harry Browne, Jerome Smith and Doug Casey, and held on through the Hunt Brothers’ debacle.


My view is this is the opportunity I have sensed for my entire adult life. All the mistakes I have made, all the accumulated knowledge I have, all the market cycles I have witnessed have prepared me for this moment. If I play my cards right, I can move into a different economic class. I’m not into rap music, but Eminem got it right in his song Lose Yourself:

“If you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment would you capture it, or just let it slip? You got one shot- Don’t miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime” (my bold, DS)

I get a bit emotional reading this from Plunger, because, verbatim, THIS IS EXACTLY WHERE I AM! 🙂