First Off I am a Goldophile like most of you here. I want the Price of Gold to Go UP.

I follow it every day. have been for 25 years. Made a bundle and Lost a bundle 3 times.

Until I hooked up With Rambus in Nov 2011 I had no clue how this all worked…I just figured the PTB were screwing up the world monetary system and gold had to go UP…and PM Stocks would go up multiples of the Gold Rise.

Working with Rambus , he convinced me in 2012 to sell all my 50 PM Miners.

It was tough …because I knew every one of them intimately and they were my babies.

After watching him call the 2008 crash way ahead of time in real time posting charts for free at Goldtent ( which was a rabid goldbug site at the time)..and after running him off that board for having the audacity to say HUI could go to 150 when it was 450…and then watching exactly that happen to my horror…I was willing to listen when he approached me privately to warn yet again of an impending potential drop in 2011-2012. I don’t know why he gave me a second chance, after all that animosity he was subjected to at Goldtent but This time I was willing to listen. The others on the board …not so much….so push came to shove and we started up Rambus Chartology and parted ways with the regulars at Goldtent as they all upped and moved on literally one night to a new board, leaving Audept and I with a completely empty Board and some really bad blood with our former friends.

I remember posting at the Empty Tent that night that Goldtent was to go in a new direction. I had no clue what direction but we decide to see if we could attract a Gold Oriented TA Community …and slowly we started to attract some really good TA Guys. Eagle Seagle was first. .and after a period of very little activity we started to grow and here we are still being true to our mission

Well thank goodness I sold that PF…all in an hour… one day… as Rambus “What IF” warning yet again proved correct and the HUI crashed soon after. Many former friends lost it all yet again in this crash.

To see some of these calls please follow this link.

Now we have been fortunate to grow this Community and add Spock and SurfCity / Norvast to the mix.

Again I have been fortunate to make some great trades in Spocks Rocks and am doing even better than ever following the Cycles guys.

Not to mention Plunger and Graddhy and Eagle and the and all of the excellent posters who do their work here for free.

NOW finally to the point.

Rambus is quite cautious on the PMs here , mostly because of his concern for the Dollar which he believes is in Bull Mode. His views are also held by Plunger via his Market History Post Bubble Contraction Work. The others Graddhy Norvast Spock and Surf all see an imminent long term TOP in the Dollar and of course a resuming of the Gold Bull .

All these guys have done extensive work and all of the work has merit. Every time I read something on the dollar I am convinced at that moment.

I am still in Many of the Rocks and really really want the Dollar bears to be right.

However having bet against Rambus and lost big in the past I cannot discount his concerns here.

Here are 2 Monthly Charts we must consider at least …As Always presented in the spirit of all for one and one for all.