Bingo…! Putting it all Together…from the recent discussions here at the tent

Strong Gold Buying From Other Sources is what we need to unhinge the Gold Pricing Band….Red Label has simply explained what no Manipulation Factory Goldbug Site has ever even discussed.

Gold prices have always been controlled….and always will be under the present ruling monetary agreement ( Bretton Woods is still in effect)

And until the pressure cooker of demand overwhelms the pricing control cartel ( CBs )

as it has done twice

First 1971-1981 ($35 TO $350) AFTER A MANIC OVERSHOOT TO $800

Second 2001 to 2011 ( `$30O to $1200 ) AFTER AN OVERSHOOT TO $1900

Some here think we will be locked into this $1200 to $1350 range for another 13 years ….20 years in the wilderness after a parabolic mania blowoff is what seems to be the norm.

So now that we can all agree that this Price “Control” Mechanism is and always has been an integral and Imperative part of the World Monetary system….we can all stop whining about it.

We are playing in a controlled market Because we think it’s time for the world to start buying Gold Frantically….so the price will rise

….well I bet not many of us hard core Goldophiles are even buying Phys….a recent poll shows this… WHO the F%^&*K is going to buy enough to overwhelm the cartel and cause them to make a retreat to the next level…which of course is $10,000 overnight !

Now the final piece of the puzzle…Adam Hamilton’s great piece on how the GLD buying affects the price of gold….It is the ultimate determinant of the price of Gold….When GLD shares are bought it creates a need for Phys to be bought by this ETF to balance their books.As discussed here

So that brings me to the point

Who would like to volunteer to keep Schism’s excellent proprietary Chart…Its both artistically technically excellent …..Updated Daily and posed exclusively for Goldtent .

Schiz emailed me the formula ….there is no know chart for GLD Holdings….so he made one and now he has sent the formula for updating the chart daily. it’s simple I am sure…but so am I… am an illiterate and some one else needs to do this. I will get any volunteer to hook up with Schism and soon we can have an updated chart posted daily.

Thanks….great team work going on….The Gold market is a 10 Headed Dragon so we need lots of different heads to piece it together how to make money in it……or as the HARD CORE GUYs say…Gold and Guns !

Anyhow we got some good heads here so we are doing alright !



Mr Market’s Feelin Alright ….and You… are Hooked !