Jeffrey Jaxson from the Highwire has an excellent breakdown of the School Covid Shot Situation State by State…check it out

The Bottom Line is The CDC added the Covid Vaccine to the Children’s Schedule…This is and was ALWAYS the Goal…so that even if the Emergency Use is dropped the Drug Dealers have Immunity for ALL ages…It’s a stupid rule that was created in 1986 .

However Each State makes the decision whether or not to MANDATE any of the CDC Vaccines on the Children’s schedule for public school attendance .

About Half the States have laws already on the Books which say NO Covid Shots can be Mandated to attend schools ( WooooHoooo)…7 more States have Legislation pending….Of the Remaining States Only ONE ( New York) has legislation pending to Mandate but paradoxically NY also has pending legislation to Ban mandates.

LOOK at the Map…If Your state is in a grey zone that means there is no Legislation banning Nor mandating these KILL shots for your kids and grandkids…These States can do one of 3 things going forward… Nothing or Ban Mandates or Mandate…so it’s up to YOU to make some noise with your representatives if you are in a Grey State…

God Bless the founders who gave the States sole authority over Medical Issues.