I didn’t coin the phrase but I have adopted it. It’s a great phrase because it instantly identifies a
media related phenomena .

Definition ?

How about.. Dissemination of Information or Disinformation which fosters fear , worry , helplessness , hopelessness and a whole host of other negative emotions . It is often addicting and many perpetrators prey on this addiction to bring attention in an ever increasing fear porn matrix for fun fame profit and behavior control.

The result of Ubiquitous fear porn addiction is often irrational fear based harmful actions (see Corona Virus Response)

The Cornerstone of Fear Porn is to offer it incessantly but presenting without any solutions or offering any hope .

“This evil horrible awful disgusting thing is happening and therefor this evil horrible awful disgusting result is imminent and it will affect YOU in a profoundly negative way .

We have identified a lot of Evil Horrible Awful disgusting narratives here at the Tent Lately and thats fine for a while but lately I find it has become overwhelming . It is high time for us to be discussing and focusing on solutions and positive responses to all of the fear porn .

Like Instead of focusing more on the Great Reset and other Agendas how about Focusing more on the Great Awakening. It is happening all over the Planet but scarcely a peep about it here.

The most exhilarating time of late to be reading and posting here at the Tent was with those 3 glorious weeks of the Canadian Trucker Freedom Rally. A most uplifting spontaneous and incredible response to a Negative Situation brought on by the Worlds Biggest TURD !

Even the brutal shocking end to the rally though disgusting and earth shattering was constructive as it showed a massive number of slumbering Canadians and indeed people all over the world the depths of depravity that the Warriors are fighting back against .

So what I would like to see here …instead of 100% fear porn …we turn things around and search for positive and hopeful articles more and get to 50:50 . Probably will take some digging in this present environment but it’s worth it for mental health .

Fear IS the Virus .

Negativity begets negative results . Positivity begets positive results . It’s the law of Attraction

More powerful than the Law of Gravity