Goooooood Morning, Vietnaaaaaaam!

Bangkok was just a one-night stand, then I flew on to Ho Chi Minh City. Here, I met up with my Bend friend, Patrick. He founded Ruffwear (, which has products manufactured in Vietnam. It was cool to get to see him here and experience a taste of his business life. This morning he flew to Korea, giving me an opportunity to regroup in the company house for a few days before traveling onward myself. It appears I’m running out of room on the map, but there are probably some places worth visiting before falling off the edge of the earth!

There are two new photo galleries from Northern Pakistan. The second one might seem particularly long and repetitive, but close inspection will reveal in each image a masterpiece artwork, works that are the cumulative effort of generations. I hope you’ll appreciate this special art that I was unexpectedly treated to, a type of art -and connection- that is quite literally disappearing from our world.

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The very best of the doors, special guest artists the stones & other functional art

editors note: for best effect scroll down to the first picture: 1…click on the arrow top right 2…click on pause icon top left 3…click on info icon “i” top left…then scroll thru with right arrow

-Khaplu & the Hushe Valley

-stones & doors

extra goodies

understanding critical choices

Gooooood Morning Viet Nam…..Robin Williams