A long video but he has the info to prove that Covid was planned with the assistance of the media to entice everyone to accept the “vaccine”. Basically for profit. Fear sells.


They used the Seasonal Flu for years to harvest willing arms but never came close to the uptake that they have for this “Pandemic”. Brilliant marketing I must say.

In the testing, if one does not look for something, they will not find it. The Flu was not searched for so it disappeared from our consciousness last year. Only the RT-PCR test looking for a Covid sequence. Voila! Covid everywhere. Get your jab to save your life.
Hard sell ASAP!

Thus, manufacture a pandemic so that you can offer the vaccine. We have a huge % of the population who are clambering for a shot, the next one and the one after that forever.

Keep dragging out different sequences, variants, to keep up the fear level.

The jab is not a true vaccine as we all know here. What does it really do? I guess we shall find out in time.