Thanks Sally….another Brilliant Piece

“This is the last barrage of cruel tantrum and pitiless derangement of reason before it all falls apart.

it’s all out in the open now, and america does not want a new and enduring regime of institutional prejudice in the form of “jim covid” laws.

do not fear this remorseless and inhuman assault.

it does not come from a place of strength but rather demonstrates just how weak their cause has become.

they are freaking out because they can feel the end coming and the reckoning after such excess is unkind and they will face it not just from those they tried to conquer but from one-another as well and they fear each other even more than they fear us.

the locales and leaders that push an implement this will not get to keep the ground they just grabbed. this is the hill they die on.

i have a feeling that this is the fight we’re going to be in now. team panic congealed into a set of vicious tribal norms that function like a fundamentalist evangelical sect

and now, even as they see the evidence for their worldview collapsing, they cannot climb down because to do so would make THEM the new target of all the righteous rage that’s boiling over from not just losing but from having been tricked.

they are stuck in a loop of tribal self-immolation. it looks fearsome, but it’s not.

this is where we win.