Perfectly Progressive Greetings!

Happily, I seem to be making progress in more than just one way!

This link is to another newly finished gallery:

Yesterday, I tested another idea that came to mind, of crossing the border from Russia into Lithuania. An internet search didn’t yield any recent information as to whether or not this was possible for someone traveling with a US passport. As it turned out, it was the quickest and easiest border crossing of this trip so far. And, yes, in case you’re wondering, I was the only American on the bus. I still haven’t encountered one since November.

To get from Kaliningrad, Russia to Vilnius, Lithuania was a simple matter of buying a bus ticket and traveling on a gorgeous spring day for a few hours through absolutely beautiful farmland that is just beginning to green up. Of course, there was a stop in the middle to clear customs on both sides of the line.

The adventure continues. Onward!