Reference from the article — Is COVID More Dangerous Than the Flu?

This article could be a hidden gem for anyone suffering from COPD. The MD says there is a way to treat COPD that is not widely known (and NEVER broadcast) as it negates the need for expensive medicines.

Tips for Those Stuck in Fumes of the Current Wildfires

I believe it starts in this section “Negative Ions and Zeta Potential” with the discussion of negative ion therapy and restoring zeta potential.

“This progression from the superficial to the deep vessels (frequently beginning with the lungs) is also identical to what I and others have observed with progressively worsening COVID-19 infections and vaccine injuries and often where treatment must be focused. This, for example, I believe, explains the curious COVID-19 phenomena where patients often have low oxygen readings (which are measured in the smallest blood vessels in the fingers which sludged blood has difficulty reaching) but simultaneously do not clinically appear to be oxygen starved because the blood circulation is preserved in their larger vessels.”

Nebulized Glutathione and NAD+ nasal spray