MUST READ: Real politician explains how he and his colleagues get slowly suckered into an alternate totalitarian universe

From an amazing publication in the UK, The Conservative Woman



I can disclose now that This Article was written by Goldtent Contributor whom I gave the moniker A Great Briton

Simon has been a Goldtent reader and Supporter for several Years . I contacted him to congratulate him on this piece and to

check in with him . It turns out Simon s starting his own Substack which is in the early stages of development

He sent a link. He has a 3 part series up now which is an Excellent Essay on the origins of mass Propoganda and how it has developed over the years to where we are today as well as the prospects for us to defeat it going forward

I encourage you to sign up for the Substack as a show of support. There is no fee being charged for now .

Simon will be posting here at the tent soon with an update from the UK. he seems optomistic with some of the events there of late.

Here is the link to his Substack…” SENSE IN STRANGE TIMES”


“Worried about a global conspiracy? You might be justified. After 100 years of success, the masters of manipulation are more powerful than ever. Yet we understand their techniques and how to fight back”

PT 1

PT 2

PT 3