Thanks Pedro

I have a completely different take on this !!

The ZH article asks the question ” if the Vaccines are not effective against Mutant strains will this lead to more lockdowns ?”

This is Bullshit Thinking IMO

My take is that it should discredit the whole Idea of vaccines being the “savior” of the world and the whole world waiting for an effective safe vaccine before opening up.

People are just going to have to accept and realize that if YOU think the Government can control a virus YOU are a Covidiot.

I MEAN WHAT THE f^&K…they are now scrambling to fast track another vaccine to neutralize the mutant…and then they will need another and another…of all the insanities in this whole nightmare..this idea a vaccine is the savior is the biggest insanity ! What are you going to do give 3 , 4 . 5 . 10 vaccines every year ?

We have had flu strains and variants for ever and no vaccine has been effective in stopping the seasonal spread

How about focusing on strengthening IMMUNE systems with vitamins and minerals AND using the 2 miraculous drugs that have now been proven as powerful against viruses as antibiotics are against bacteria

These Vaccines are a Bad Joke…They kill and maim far to many healthy people ..people who have zero chance of dying or being very sick from the “virus” itself.

AND …another thing.

Who the F%^&k says the South African Mutant is a problem anyhow…it’s a pussy ! Look at the chart I posted “Cases” are dropping like a stone in SA and UK

It’s a bell curve stupid !!!

I cant be the only one seeing this can I…ZH is an idiot