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Time to become an activist in any way you can. No more MR and MRs Nice Guys….

Effing Canada is FULL of Nice Guys…Nice guys finish…DEAD ! WTFU…(wake the fuck up )



“Vaccine passports must be stopped. Accepting them means accepting the false idea that government owns your life, body and freedom.” – Fmr. US Rep. Ron Paul

Ron Paul’s statement is 100% spot on. We are experiencing the biggest fight for our life right now, and I’m proud to see so many patriots fighting back. The fact that representatives from so many states have pushed through legislation to block vaccine id passports and other Covid-19 related legislation, and many states are still fighting for it, is very encouraging. Just imagine if they had fought this feverishly over the mask mandates, how much further along we would be in this fight. I strongly suspect that those behind the ‘Great Reset’ are getting a lot more resistance than they anticipated on both the Covid-19 injections and the vaccine id passports. The lockdowns didn’t sit so well with people.

Right now, we are witnessing parents battling school boards to get the indoctrinating critical race theory removed, and they are succeeding in some states. We are fighting back against the transgender agenda to destroy children, and we are making headway. Our second amendment rights are being threatened and some states have stepped up and implemented 2A sanctuary states. Millions of people are refusing the Covid-19 injection and speaking out about the damaging side effects and deaths, and as fast as the media censor us, new reports surface, so the word is getting out. And the battle over proving the election fraud continues.

This isn’t a time to sit back and hope for the best, or to wallow in fear for the worst – this is the time to fight back, to outsmart, to stay ahead of their game, and combat them every step of the way. Please be sure to check back for subsequent articles to this vaccine id passport series, so you can see where their moves are going before they make them. Knowledge is power, and so are numbers, and we have the numbers.

No matter how much they try to break us down, millions of us stand united and strong in this country, and with all of our brothers and sisters in other countries that are fighting this battle with us – together, we can beat them.

Here Are A Few Things You Can Do Right Now

1) Cash Friday
Use cash only on Friday. The more we pull our money away from digital systems, the harder it is for them to implement passports and use them to control us. Post your receipts to others with the note on the bottom “paid cash.” Ask your local businesses and banks to promote “Cash Friday.”

2) Shift Into Well Managed Community Banks and Credit Unions
The central bankers driving this train can be slowed down by a decentralization of bank deposits. Here are some tips on finding local banks.https://home.solari.com/how-to-find-a-local-bank/

3) Educate Your Local and State Representatives
The more states and countries that JUST SAY NO, the better chance we have. Stay on top of all legislation taking place in your state and make your voices heard. ”