And how can the scared silent ones be reached ?

Please support this “Movement” …Dylan at Button Boy is doing this as a public service
I Fully support him !

Here is a point of view from a friend whose opinion I highly value.
very poignant to the situation .

Regarding the Polls of Canadians massively in favor of lockdowns and wanting more.

“It may be true. Or it may not be…

Dan Dicks did an on the street poll. Found 40% thought it was a hoax.
Can we really trust these mainstream sources? They probably polled people who read their nonsense — which is really a decreasingly small part of the population.

I think what you are doing with the buttons is big. People are sucked into group think. So if they see people being brave they will too.

A lot of Canadians want to be liked, so they say what they think people will like to hear, not what they really believe.

My brother and sister-in-law think this in a Chinese takeover (she works for the bank and see shocking things) but they won’t speak out. They actually refuse to have anything to do with me now, because they are scared they’ll lose their jobs if they associate with me anymore. Won’t even return phone calls and emails. But they know it’s all fake. But if polled, I know what they’d say.”


Thumbs Up if You Think
……..It’s a Hoax…………

……Break the Ice………
Connect with Those who Know
…In Your Community……..
…….Pass it on…………