Jon Rappaport has the Goods !

He is the only one who is laying out this massive fraud in terms anyone can understand

There is NO …Not remotely Any…Proof of a novel Corona Virus.

His articles are short succinct and to the point.

So what’s making some people sick ?

See the sidebar…it just the common flu ( which has disappeared since “Covid appeared” )

See the sidebar… “Deaths” are hugely inflated….THERE HAVE BEEN NO “EXCESS” DEATHS THIS YEAR..ANYWHERE

See the Sidebar…”Cases” are NOT Sickness ….cases are not anything for the most part.

This man is a brilliant researcher IMO and he has the Goons nailed…So it now falls to the rest of us to get this story out there …in spite of the fact that most people CANNOT FATHOM THIS AND WOULD RATHER JUST BELIEVE THE VIRUS AND PCR TESTING STORY THEY ARE FED ALL DAY EVERY DAY.