Via John Manley

The other day, I read one of the most hopeful articles on page 10 of the latest Druthers newspaper about Africa. This report from Tanzania tells how after the (probable) assassination of their freedom-loving President, John Magufuli, “his replacement, Samia Suluhu Hassan, a female World Economic Forum attendee, set about installing the Cabal’s COVID agenda.”

The once free land soon looked like every other “new normal” country in the world: a masked police force enforcing anti-social distancing and face coverings; along with “messages from government on our mobile phones, warning us about COVID and promoting the ‘vaccine.’”

It reminds me of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Except this time “the WHO” were the bad guys.

But just like Dr. Seuss’ classic, “after just one week, something happened. Something truly remarkable…”

If you don’t know what remarkable thing happened, you can read it here, from its original source


AUTHOR’S NOTE: whilst reading the following, it would behove the reader to bear in mind that President John Magufuli was one of the most popular African leaders of recent history. His support base amongst ordinary people was real and enormous, due to his genuine warmth, his determination to put the people first and to rid his country of corruption, fat cats and government idleness.

Just ask yourself: Which other leader anywhere in the world has ever voluntarily HALVED his own salary and given the other half to worthy causes? Magufuli did that, and a lot more besides, throughout his entire five-and-a-half-years’ presidency.

And such was his success at pulling his country up by the bootstraps that he was known locally, and affectionately, as “the bulldozer.”

It is almost one year now since the assassination of the world’s one and only sovereign leader who waged open warfare against the COVID-19 Cabal.

I do not know how many of you reading this have borne witness to an entire nation engaged in peaceful, silent, civil disobedience, but I can testify first-hand that it is one of the most moving phenomena you can possibly experience: Like a warm, silent, gentle current passing from one person to the next, leaving everyone with a smile.


THAT’S 50 MILLION PEOPLE in a land almost five times the size of Britain