Many of you know that I have been critical of Zero Hedge.

Over the years their propensity to sensationalize issues has turned me off to them.

A lot of Goldophiles have lost a lot of capital believing many of their stories were imminent .

However it is true that many in this community get much of their “breaking” news from ZH

I now agree that I have been too harsh in my opinion of them.

Anyhow…This article explains how they and 9 other websites have been “defunded”

This is a very serious matter here.

The far Left has gained complete control of MSM and is now dictating which news sources can live and which must be defunded …and die.

The playing field has been tilted almost 90 degrees left . This is disgusting.

I was unaware how this was done and how ubiquitous it was until I read THIS

Whether your views are on the right side or left side of the political spectrum you will likely agree this is a serious matter here. This is truly becoming Orwellian .

We here at Goldtent are in a different situation as we have steadfastly refused to become a commercial enterprise all these years. …so we are beholding to no one. We pay our own way to bring this community together and it is a labor of love.

My partner ( Audept) and I just had a discussion regarding our recent no holds barred approach to what we believe is a huge ‘conspiracy” to control every aspect of out lives.

We have opened up debate on these matters and have had both sides of the debate explored…admittedly the side I am presenting is louder here than the other side as one would expect from a community of Honest Money Freaks. But I do appreciate ALL participants.

With the above information in mind..our views are fast becoming the minority views with respect to how many news media sites are presenting both sides of the debate. However I do believe that these views are important to a wide variety of people who are beginning to question the status quo.

I was a little concerned that perhaps the Internet “Police” would try to pressure us to cease and desists ..especially the rhetoric encouraging mass protests if and when a second lockdown is attempted by the PTBs

My “silent” partner encouraged me to keep doing what we are doing in exposing the lies and fraud and crimes against humanity.

His comment was simply…… “Truth Matters”

I do not expect to be ‘censored” as we are not in the same league ( eyeballs) as a Zero hedge and we cannot be controlled by “economics”…BUT who knows what other tactics these cretins are capable of.

So just in case ,we do have contingencies…and it would serve you all well to make note of our “contact”
posted on the top of the right sidebar.

Lets hope it never comes to this …but in this insane environment one can never be too sure.

I really encourage all of you to share some of the poignant posts you see here with your kids and friends and contacts.

Certainly there are a great many people who will resist all of this and call you a conspiracy theorist…but there are just as many who are simply asleep..and need to be “woke”. it will surprise you how many that you may have thought were lost causes are ready for this information and will thank you for it and then offer their views which align with yours.

Example…who can dispute that post I just made …the 2 .5 minute audio asking the question..if cases didn’t spike after the mass race protests in large and small Canadian Cities ( and indeed the cases are dropping dramatically)…why are concerts and sports not allowed WITH fans ?

We are NOT hopeless…Information…pass it on.