Just read this email from a Goldtenter…and of course it “melted” me …We collectively reach a lot farther than we sometimes realize ! Some connections we have facilitated lead to life long friendships.
This makes it all worthwhile !

Could you get me the info on the firm GMG used for British citizenship? My fathers grandparents were born in Ireland and he tried to obtain Irish citizenship once but the folks he used took his info and fees and never gave him a definitive answer as to whether he was eligible or not. Thanks in advance, Mike

Ps. Thanks a ton for all the great info during covid. Can’t say enough about the value of your links and articles I shared with family and friends. I imagine you guys saved many folks from making bad decisions re the jab and other protocols. I also have a friend in Spain who is an auditor/attorney for the EC and turned whistleblower during the lockdowns. He used info and articles in his show from many of the links from GOLDTADISE that I forwarded him before finally youtube shut him down. The tree of shared info has a lot more branches than you might imagine.



Thanks for this Mike. Makes my week . I will ask GMG to contact you and or perhaps she could post the info here .

Warm Regards