The Covid Era Demonized Hands !
Wash YOUR hands….sanitize those disgusting dirty appendages
Who knows where they have been and what little beasts inhabit them ?
Do NOT under any circumstances touch another’s hands with yours…are you crazy ?

Thats a Death wish !!

Wipe all door knobs and handles before and after touching them with sani wipes
OR at least retract your hands into your sleves first
For “real” protection …wear gloves

And for God’s Sake…Sneeze into your elbow damn it !

Personally I have started a trend
F**K the Elbow bump …I am shaking hands again …does that make me promiscuous ?

Went to my Step Son’s 40th birthday party Saturday night at our Inn…40 or so very happy folks there
Most said it was the first time at a party unmasked in 2 years . It was GREAT .

I “dressed up” in my Let’s Go Brandon T Shirt…and Most laughed as they understood what that means

A couple of former karens were there ..looking wide eyed …but they had no choice but to accept the new normal.
Many were pure bloods …many great stories
The best was a Guy who told me his two teenage kids are the only unmasked kids in their highschool.
They got a Doctors letter stating they could not wear a mask safely . The Other kids were jealous and there was some pushback from teachers who made them sit at the back of the class like second class kids
But they are very well adjusted and just rolled with it and now they are treated with respect.

I made a point to shake hands with everyone…even those that offered their elbows and fists.

I don’t know about you all but for me the handshake is one of the most human things in my daily life

I cant remember EVER feeling Bad after shaking someone’s hand !

Now an article from TCW expresses exactly how I feel

Wanna make a difference ? It’s the easiest way to break the Covid Era Ice

Reach out a shake a hand ! You will see some hesitation but no rejections IMHO


Dr Anthony Fauci has advised: ‘I don’t think we should ever shake hands ever again.’

So every time you reach out a shake a hand you are also saying Fuck the Fauch !

What the Hell…say it out loud when you shake a hand ” Fuck the Fauch