GOLD The resolution bulls would like to see in the Upward Sloping Triangle.

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Arizona Silver Welcomes David Vincent to the Board


DK Analytics, Post #26: Trump’s state of union — US greatness financed by more debt

Round Trip

This was one of the best Gold Producer Stocks in the Bull Market

from $1 to $21. 2000% ( a $10,000 investment in 2003 became $210,000 in 2011 !

Now its close to becoming a penny stock.

Nice Symmetry though. I do love Symmetry BUT

Sad Sad Sad !

DOW on the way to 200 dma. If that doesn’t hold then 19,000 comes into play.

Trannies getting hit hard; not much longer for the BEARS…

Dow and Dow Utilities

I drew this Dow Chart on Feb 7th for a buddy that asked what I thought would happen. Was a bit wrong, but don’t want to move the lines, and still think we’ll go to the 200dma for the Dow.

I’m also adding the Dow Utilities chart again. I really think we’ll work down to that line again, and will be using it to help me go long again.

Good luck all. FYI, everything I’ve told you will probably be wrong, as I’ve been wrong many times and have been burned many times. These are only my opinions. These markets are almost impossible to predict…

Good luck,

Response to Eagle’s 1987

I tried to post this twice in Eagle’s 1987 thread. I hit send and it’s not showing up. Posting it here.

I am short today. Will sell slightly below the previous lows. (Will probably use as a sell stop a rise above last week’s highs)

After thought, I don’t believe we’ll see a 1987, massive drop.

I think we’ll go down to that Utilities long term trend line, which I posted about recently and has a bit to go down to, and I believe we’ll test the Dow 200dma which will be about 23,000.

In 1987, the stock markets had chugged pretty steadily up for 6 years. People were so confident. They had the second coming of Jesus, Reagan, as their head, and they thought it was a new tremendous time for America.

Today? Everyone is fearful. People still bring up 1987 every time there’s a small drop. 2000 and 2008 are still fresh in everyone’s minds. People are afraid of war. They’re afraid of Trump. They’re afraid of our debt. Fear is everywhere!!!

That’s why I think, a drop just below the previous lows, bull flag style is going to cause so many sellers but it will be just that a necessary “shakeout” before the rise. The purpose of a drop is to balance greed and fear. A drop below the lows is plenty in my opinion with those previous drops so fresh on people’s minds.

Rambus has said something like, “the markets like to rise up a wall of worry”. That’s what we’ll see all the way to 100,000 Dow by November 2023, in my opinion, with several more drops like this last one. Not many will be along for the ride except for the buy and hold folks. Most traders attempting shorts will get burned over and over.

My opinion only obviously.

Good luck Eagle and all,


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