Gold Blow Off Tops

Been doing reading over last couple years (Don’t claim to be an expert just my observations). Bretton Woods forward the rest is ancient history useful but too far in the past IMO.

Modern Gold Bull Markets in the US – there have only been 2 each lasting 10 years each ending in a blowoff top 1972 -1983 and 2001 – 2012 respectively.

What starts a Gold Bull well that is hard to say but 70’s was caused most likely by Gold price being held at $35 for 40 years and in 2001 started probably by Bullion Banks messing with shorts via Spot Gold at $300 for 20 years and eventually finding themselves on the wrong side of the trade saved by the BOE Brown’s Bottom.

What causes a Blowoff  Top Inflation and Physical in your hand demand by the public. Public investment in physical Gold bury it in your backyard type buying………!

So what happens after a Blowtop? Well all we have to look at is the 80’s that’s it, is it relevant? So that’s where I’m at looking at 6 – 7 years after a blowoff top. What do I see but minor bull ripples from the blowoff. Where are we at exactly I’m not sure? Can Bullion Banks repeat what they did in the 80’s for 20 years? The ECB is willing to do whatever it takes apparently and same with the FED? Does PBOC really want to break up the party a just get a seat at the table?

I lived thru both Blowoff tops and can”t say either of them were enjoyable. What will the Third top look like if/or when it happens?

Time for Caution in Gold Miners

Time for Caution in Gold Miners


Has Quadrupled since March 2009.

From 666 ( you cant make this up) to 2600 nearly

The Fed did it ! They are freaking geniuses….Monetary Scientists

Behold the Cialis Pattern

Anybody who doubted that they not only could save the Planet from being kicked back to the Stone Age ( albeit it with cellphones) but also create this pattern….I have two words for you….Don’t Fight the FED !

So they reliquified the world financial system and it is good to go now…its on auto pilot…They can publically withdraw QE and of course EVERYONE knows it was QE that made the market go insane and that withdrawl will make it crash.

What if everybody is wrong ? Who knows what super powers these creeps have…they are the NERDS and they always seem to be able to keep the monitary system cruising along ….If there’s a Crash Coming …its been the most expected crash in history…and you know about that kind of sentiment !

So what to do ?

If you can’t beat em…Join em !

Stock Market Combo Chart…


Breach back test holding…


This weekly chart should make every body happy

retest into December then 2018 it all happens.

IF this Wolfe Wave Pans out ( and it is a perfect set up) Gold should do very well next year

dow jones

rsi topping out again on the weekly. Lots of room to crawl up in price channel. Last time bol bands this tight was 2009 as black arrow shows. Tight bands once again so can anticipate a sharp move.  3 hits on the rsi and your out for now but the fourth usually breaks free. I’m therefore expecting a short decline soon. Everything changed dec 2015 so good chance logic doesn’t prevail tho.


After multiple closes above the 600MA, i’m looking higher for USD/JPY – but I don’t see it running further than the 114.50-115 area.

114.50 compliments my thinking that JPY/USD bottoms around 87.

Hopefully this coincides with a yearly cycle low in gold and the next major leg up into the 1400s.  Timing could be mid November as traders attempt to front run the Dec. FOMC, just a thought.


Commodities bull market – $NATGAS

Thought I´d post my charts for $NATGAS since I have not done that in a long time. I have posted on it maybe 5-6 times since I called the start of the new bull market for $NATGAS back in Dec 16, see link below.

Looking at the charts below, I would say that we are looking good now for the start of the next large leg up.

And as I have posted for 6-7 months now, we have a massive broad bull move coming up in commodities when $USD starts dropping through my thin zone. One sign on the particular charts in this posts regarding this is that the blue triangle is forming on the support line on the long term chart to the right; this is extra bullish.

See my Big Picture Series roadmap posts for where we are and where we are going, updated collected list linked below.
I have 100+ roadmap charts in these posts that are all on track.

Short term GDXJ

A Look At GDXJ

Following Fullys earlier GDXJ chart, which appears to show a possible breach of support, I thought I’d have a closer look. On a shortish time frame, linear chart, it doesn’t look too promising, but these patterns build out over quite a long time, so I believe the log charts are often better. That’s because everything ‘financial’ out in the real world is growing exponentially (money creation/debt etc). This is what I see…

This is another chart that says a move is coming very soon, just like the dollar and gold charts. It feels like we’re always waiting for ‘THE’ move to happen, but it’ll only be hindsight that confirms all of this. Keep an eye on the support line on my first chart. We really don’t want to see that broken. That wouldn’t be good. Not good at all.