The COT and Gold

This is an excellent study on the most recent COT reported positions of all participants in Comex Gold.

TechFocus Weekly – Precious Metals 05-22-18


(PS. I hedged my physical on Friday, May 25th with Short Sales of the August 2018 Comex Gold at 1312, even though I’m not convinced we’ll see prices fall much below 1250/oz.)

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For Bikoo99

Have some time this morning and was admiring your $XJY chart (posted yesterday morning) That’s a beauty of a triangle $XJY built out over the last 5 years. It sure looks like it could be bottom pattern. Anyway, have dug through some old charts to have a look at a longer term view. Here is a monthly line chart of $XJY going back to 1984. One thing that stands out is that $XJY moved in lock step with gold for the last decade. Before that, not so much.
Whither $XJY? Whither gold? Don’t know.

Catherine Austin Fits

Catherine is a member and friend of Rambus Chartology . She IS truly amazing.

Gold : Major Move Imminent

For the Bulls from Spock

Fracking for Copper: BHP & Barrick Chase “Ultimate Prize”

Here’s a Howdy-do.

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Century Link (CTL) update for Vajra

Here you go. I decided to make this part of my Weekend updates as I plan to add next week before the Ex Dividend Date on June 1, 2018. Enjoy.

Century Link (CTL) IRA update