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$XAU-a Symphony in BLUE

Some news from the Crypto Space !

There are signs that suggest that the cryptocurrencies cyclical bear market is over… (even if we could have a final flush in Bitcoin).

Disclosure: I have no Bitcoin.

It seems even more plausible that XRP (the future backbone of the word financial system, as J.Collins, POM, likes to say) may have bottomed !
Since I published my first post on XRP on, this digital asset is up 132% in 7 days (now at 58 cts.).

I publish here the last post on XRP (20.09.2018), called: “This is the right time for XRP”:

I am concinced that it is the right time for XRP !!!
Even if the market should be bearish as a whole, the indicators tell the true story of XRP !!
The MACD cross on the weekly is about to happen – and the distance between one cross and another is every time the same – EXACTLY 273 days !!
On both occasions another indicator, the ADR (Avarage Daily Range) behaved the same way, crossing up above 0.50. Look at the light blue areas !!
I THINK IT IS THE RIGHT TIME FOR XRP and I am convinced that those who sell on the way up could regret it.
We may be going much much higher from here !!
Short term PO is 8 – 10 USD (by Year End 2018)
Long term PO is 46 USD (by October 2019)
Cheers !
My Twitter account: @Dangermousebanana
On Tradingview: “Ratoncilo”

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