The CRB is the Gold Standard Longest Lived Commodity Index.

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I am a great admirer of Spock’s analyses, so I am always delighted when he posts something in the open.

There is something to be learned here.

Thank you, Spock.

Silver’s outrageous pitchfork RIP. It was more hope than expectation.

16 July 2018:

I must say it has been an honour to have one of my posts linked from the right hand sidebar of GoldTAdise for a while!  Silver’s Outrageous bull market pitchfork. It was more hope than expectation, as a bit of fun.

Having noticed it again today, still sitting there I thought I would re-visit the outrageous silver pitchfork and see if it is … dead (or like Phil Collins: “Not Dead Yet”).

Having re-visited it, I can say sadly that the outrageousness of the above fork was too much, even for the precious metals bugs and they bugged out and left it for dead. So, R.I.P. outrageous fork for silver. 🙁

However, the gold mini fork is still alive but a move below $1230-1238 could be its death knell as described in recent posts in 2018.

Line in the sand for gold around $1230-1232 or maybe $1238-1240? (4 Charts) $1235 intraday Fri 13th!

Original silver pitchfork post:

Silver’s outrageous bull market pitchfork (and comparison with gold’s). Revisited – RIP.






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