UBM IS where the hot rock money is going now

They are mining a rare element said to be Lithium on Steroids.

Vanadium ( V for victory) Periodic Table Element #23

” which he named “vanadium” after the Scandinavian goddess of beauty and fertility, VanadĂ­s”

What’s not to like about that ? 🙂


This has been promoted by Uranimaniacs as one of the best Potential Uranium Stocks.

So I bought some when it was |IN the channel

FSY ..what the hell happened to U ?

Longer Term ? How Long will U wait ?


Could tracking Flation be as simple as following the TIP ?

WTF is a TIP Fully ?

So I take that to mean if TIP goes up that’s In flation

If it goes down that’s De flation

It is confusing because if TLT goes up that means rates go down and that happens in a De Flation.

If I understand this TIP thing correctly the TIP is a Tipoff of where Flation is going

and therefore presently it’s goin De !

If TIP doesn’t bounce here it will TIP over pretty hard…ie…we have an important trend line right here

Sometimes a trendline can get blown out with a GAP and fall hard….sometimes …

Pass the Popcorn

Friday Round-Up

Some charts of Gold, King Dollar and CHF/USD. This is starting to get very interesting. It’s progressing well enough to support my bullish position in the PM space, but it needs to go further, much further before anyone can get excited. There are some very good views supporting the bearish position in this sector as well, so it’s all to play for.

Some recent news items

GTA throws in the towel – GTA Resources to sell all mining assets for $1.05M – 2018-10-19 09:58 ET – News Release……….”The lackluster commodity markets, the depressed public market for junior explorers, the muted market reaction to GTA’s encouraging exploration results at Big Duck Lake, GTA’s remaining 2018 flow through obligations and the severe challenge of raising further capital all contributed to this decision. It was not made lightly,” said Peter M. Clausi, GTA Resources and Mining’s CEO. “We believe GTA’s shareholders will be better served in a growth industry other than junior exploration, while still having exposure to the assets through the to-be dividended shares of CBLT.”

This happens when there is no more capital to fund junior mining companies with low quality projects. I know there are several members here holding beaten down juniors. Better switch to companies that at least have some cash to survive or the so called optionality strategy will not work. Good companies however always find capital, see ITR raising $15M.

I personally believe this is part of the bottom process in metals and very positive for the sector as there are far too many gold juniors compared to other metals like Uranium or Copper

The following item really shows the disrespect for being critical with Management. I had the same experience recently where I asked too many questions about company strategy in public and CEO did not liked it at all as they prefer to play a positive mood for retail investors.


I am not a bond guy

BUT…this ratio is important

TLT ( 10 year bond price ) divided by TIP ( Inflation adjusted bond price)

It is dropping and has broken down from a H and S Top

This means TIP is falling faster than TLT

A Prize to the first who can explain in lay terms if this means Inflation or Deflation ?

All I know is as bonds drop Interest rates rise…so help please

Nice Dividend play for an IRA?

Nice 10% + yield for a solid IRA dividend play, IMO.

IRA Dividend Play

Commodities Bull Market ?

Sure doesn’t feel like it.

Some concerns here

Basic Materials…new 52 week low


COPX ( Copper Miners)….Yikes!

REMX ( Rare Earths)…looks like nobody wants em anymore

LIT ( Lithium)

Yes some commodity sectors are OK still but these charts give one pause.

Tough markets right now…everywhere.

Cash is king

What Happened to U ?

Many Uranium Miners down hard today.

The Kondratieff Cycle In Commodities

I hope Surf doesn’t mind me reproducing this (I’ll take it off if he does). It’s freely available via Google (from last year). It helps answer the point Fully made about how much trust you can put in cycle theory…


High prices in the mid 2020’s ? Inflation ? (I know, I know, but in this case I’m just meaning goods/services priced in dollars increasing more rapidly), Falling dollar index ? I certainly believe that ‘heartbeat’ is discernible in the dollar as well…

Dollar and golds roughly 15 year cycles fit into the 50 to 60 year cycles above. They’re all interlinked. Could the links break ? Could the dollar soar ? Nothing’s impossible, but, for me, it’s a question of probability. In my view, the odds favour a falling dollar.