JNUG 2 Hour and NUGT 15…

Unable to update/post today…
JNUG 2 Hour…

As already mentioned, this trend line today better hold for the BULLS…
NUGT 15…
Failed IHS continuation pattern…

Do we back test $10.80?
The GDX Daily 34 EMA was breached today–not good for the BULLS…

Uranium U.TO Wolfwave monthly

Graddhy’s chart shows wolfwave in monthly as well as weekly.

U.TO Monthly:


A leading Silver Junior Miner

1 months gains poof in the last hour and a half of trading today

Many more like this

Something Wicked

$Gold Looks OK, But The Miners Need To Turn Upwards Here

I’ll let the charts speak for me

I came close to bailing out of a large chunk of my PM miners today, but I decided to wait and see what tomorrow brings. Getting a little nervous, like plenty of others no doubt.


Today’s brake out.




No guarantee…but the Set up for a H and S Bottom is here and now

JDST – target met

Flipped to JNUG

Uranium – pull back seems done

It looks to me now like the pull back is over. U.TO was seeking out the EMA30 weekly for a BT before it completes this impulse move on the mothly chart and takes price above the resistance line of my gigantic falling wedge. We got some volatility inside the falling wedge which should be expected as the bulls and bears fight for control in that neutral zone.

We could of course move down one last time to BT the support line of my gigantic falling wedge but I do not think that will happen. Looking at charts like DML.TO I would say that the sector wants the next leg up soon.

JDST – JNUG- GDXJ (all 120 min)

Target JDST aprox 17.50 – 18.00
Target JNUG aprox 8.50 – 8.00

Cup and Handle on JDST. Visable on 60-min frames or shorter.

Got myself some JDST @ 13.70 for 1-3 day trade (possible untill tomorrow), the moment GDXJ completed its BT on the upper black line of wedge. Target lower line of the wedge.