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Gold / Silver COT’s

Although we’re in the area of previous IC bottoms for Gold, commercials are basically flat for the last 1-2 months. My guess is they would cover more aggressively if this was THE bottom?

In Silver, commercials have been adding for the most part, so we may have more to go here…

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WEED got Smoked

Rambus Stock Market Update

A Trader’s Market

SOXX starting to stink part II

At Least

My Ass was happy to see me today

this is a LOT like he sounded

$GOLD – Are we there yet?

Kid, on a long drive, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”
Dad, getting grumpy, “I told you before. We won’t be there ’til dark.”
Kid, “Is it dark yet?”

Well, is it dark yet, gold bugs? Or dark enough? The dual support at trend line, and the Oct Nov bottom from last year can’t hold because:
a) its too obvious
b) we’re waiting on a false break below support to throw the bulls off balance
c) stock market, interest rates, central banks, etc
d) we haven’t hit the $900 bottom yet where gold stocks are practically free

Pick one. Any of them could be right. Or all of them. Here is today’s gold chart for your consideration.
If you ask me what’s next I’ll tell you truthfully that I don’t know. But I’m getting ready to make a bet… Many silver stocks have similar bullish formations…

Q Anon

After getting some feedback from friends here regarding the Q Anon post by JenkinsLane earlier this week ,

And reading more on this movement , I must apologize for my off the cuff dismissal and negative comments .

I have removed them as they were uncalled for.

I see many members are interested in this phenomenon .

I admit I was caught off guard as I had never even heard of Q Anon.

Obviously many people have put a lot of time and effort into this movement and I do not know nearly enough to even voice a reasoned opinion. Again apologies if I offended any members .

Also since this is a polarizing topic ( I received pro and con emails) and is centered in Politics and Religion ,

I agree with many that this topic does not fit in here at Goldtent TA Paradise but is best left for the many other websites where this information can be found and discussed.

Thanks for those who took the time to civilly reach out in that post . Chuck , pedro and others ,and via email .


PS…this will be the Last Thread on this topic.

$USD Daily, USDU Daily

It sure looks like $USD has peaked. It may have touched its high for this cycle yesterday.

USDU seems to be getting weary as well. If it drops below the top of the “Super Candle” (29 May) it could indicate the break out gap of 14 June was an exhaustion gap. We’ll see.