Comparing 2015 to Today

We had a big upthrust daily candle at that time but I am just thinking out loud. It was a near identical VIX boom boom. SPY was weak for months beforehand too in 2015.

spock up to something


A Kitco chart from 10:00 AM PST today – looks like an inverse SHS bottom
So…short term rally for gold ?

HGD is a 2X leveraged gold miner bear on the TSE
Looks like HGD has peaked for now
If so then the gold miners should be in for a bit of a rally…

Whoa ! Talk about short term ! !Looks like we may be already back in the bear mode.


Is today a rate decision>?

Or a minutes release >?


embedded stoch with some old point b/tests



I don’t know beans about Soy but I like this chart
Thanks Mort

UVXY Related Charts

Eagle, let me know whether these are of any use to you please because if not, I won’t post them again. (Too time consuming).

For me, I think $TNX is the key as to whether or not there is going to be a big fall in SM’s here. The 2 hour just looks like a bearish rising

wedge to me. However, I don’t think price will do anything other than backtest the neckline of the potential massive IH&S

(price targets still not calculated), before rallying up again. It’s that spike in $TNX, which I think will accompany SM’s

dropping quite significantly.

[Edit: As of now, 10 year looks done, i..e bearish, to me on these charts:

Last chart shows a resolution is, I think, imminent, so we’ll know soon enough.]

SMH Daily…

Gap filled; diagonal blue trend line appears to be relevant…
longer term signals have reset? Again, important month…