I know its hard to believe but not all of my charts work out

SLV – 2 Hr – Are we there yet?


Needs to bounce

Southern Copper

The Mother of all Flags ?


Using Northstar’ ULT oscillator.

GDX waiting for a 3-fan breakout

Oil Wedge

I started thinking this wedge could be broken yesterday after that big 4HR hammer on the month pivot (thick cyan line with “P”) was formed. I went ahead and had buy limits on the high of it when it closed. This was a nice surprise to wake up to.

The wedge target measured move is about 67.00. However, the channel it is traveling in suggests prices can test the upper rail above 70.00. The current crude top is near the year Camarilla R3 pivot shown in the second picture (Pivots in first picture are month pivots, second picture year pivots).

In the second picture I added some other very important weekly close levels and the 2015 high from the past. These were major targets for me previously when we all went long after the big weekly inverse H & S was broken.

March through April is typically good for oil on average. I am not sure about the past 5 year performance.

Crude Oil Futures (CL) Seasonal Chart

NVO.V-Interview with Dr. Quinton Hennigh-3/18/2018


NOVO RESOURCES | Project Updates, Processing Plant, Sampling

Off the Island

Plunger’s Chart of the QQQs

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Gold Pound

Just random lines. How many rules did I break?