USD Daily – Round Numbers

They say that ‘Round Numbers’ are psychologically significant levels of S&R.

– USD has failed the 95 level, 8 times out of the last 20 sessions

– EMA13 is rolling over

– The 93 level now looks key to me…


A few key currencies and $GOLD

We have seen these tired old charts before, but there has been some repainting along the trim edge this weekend.
Since $XEU is a lions share of the USD index (52%) we pay attention to where its headed. Right now it appears headed for consolidation. Its consolidating in a down trend, so one might expect the break out to be downside as well. Its possible the consolidation could morph into a reversal. We’ll see.

As expected the $USD is also consolidating. Would really like to see a 5 point reversal here. Its possible. A time frame for that to fully develop might be late Summer, early Fall. Again, we’ll see.

The $USDJPY Bollinger Band breaks on the September and March bottoms initiated similar patterns – Pete and Repeat on the chart. The similarity suggested a rally in $USDJPY, and it didn’t disappoint. For awhile it looked like Repeat could go all the way to the upper solid blue trend line and beyond. So far its just following along the same old path that Pete traced out. If $USDJPY rallies over the neck line of the potential inverse SHS its bearish gold, but if it “peter’s out” that’s bullish…

$GOLD daily – This chart looks terrible right now. Huge 5 point reversal. 50/200 DMA bear cross getting underway. Oscillators taking up residence in the cellar. Nevertheless, expecting a bounce here. After that, we’ll see.

For good news that’s like a fresh breeze, have another looks at North’s posts: HGU and First Majestic Silver. Canadian Gold Miners ETF Channel Breakout and Backtest Another silver stock on a bull run…

Happy Father’s Day Goldtent

All Dad’s enjoy a great time with your offspring .

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This is encouraging

Driven by Oil’s strong day Friday

Strong bounce off the 200 DMA plus an Island Bottom?

Bradley turn points


added gold volatility chart with neg diverg showing price change ahead. Nice how the wavetrend osc. picks the gold high from the old days. Nice osc.

pink lines on gold chart are gann channels.

Good article on an indicator for general SM


Gold / Silver COT’s

Although we’re in the area of previous IC bottoms for Gold, commercials are basically flat for the last 1-2 months. My guess is they would cover more aggressively if this was THE bottom?

In Silver, commercials have been adding for the most part, so we may have more to go here…

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