Tragically DIPed

Some silver explorers coming alive

I want to draw the attention to  Brixton Metals (BBB.V) that is on the move again. The company recently acquired an additional property  from Silver Standard and will do drilling on this property and its Cobalt mine in Ontario. I guess it will be a winner this year thanks to silver and Cobalt exposure. Not to forget it has gold exposure too.


Another less promoted company is  Kootenay silver (KTN) that has a JV on some of its properties with PAAS. Although KTN will only move strongly with higher silver prices, I guess with silver going to 20-25$ sooner or later this could be a winner as in 2016 or more as Management is actively drilling for higher grade ounces.


Another low risk explorer is Dolly Varden Silver (DV.V), as it is in safe location, has high grade proven ounces already and a very committed management. Not to forget HL tried to buy this company on the cheap last year but got backfired. Still waiting for break out sooner or later.


And last but not least, Abraplata resource Corp (ABRA), a newly listed company (mid 2017) that bought a property from Silver Standard in Argentina.

The company is completely unknown to retail investors and market cap is very tiny (10M) and the company has already 150 million ounces silver equivalent (1.9 Million gold) proven. Clearly the cheapest silver play around. I am certain this valuation difference will not last and this could be a strong performer in 2018

American Creek Resources AMK.V

A 6yr base to keep an eye on. The volume spike appears to be new yesterday.


Possible to have another leg up … Are we gone test the neckline in the 1355 area ?

USD Quarterly

I hate to cut in front of your fresh post Eagle, I just wanted to get this posted before midnight.

Since Graddhy likes notations,  see chart.

This feels like we all have a front row seat for the biggest show on the planet.  After all, it is the worlds reserve currency.










XAU Monthly Update…

Close to TRIX confirmation of reverse/hidden divergence…


I have about 100 of these “Rocks” on a watch list.

Whenever I notice a Breakout on Volume I buy some…worked out today on this one.

I have no idea what made this happen but this is a sign of whats to come.

One by One …the Explode.

$GOLD What is this? Nothing much. Just a 7-year Breakout in GOLD

“Silver & Gold”

The warden said “the exit is sold”

If you want a way out…Silver & Gold!

“Ok Edge…play the blues!”

XAU to Gold miners ratio

Monthly is breaking out but month is not over yet?
Weekly it is first trading day of the week??