Silver to gold ratio Bottom In??

Silver to gold ratio on weekly chart shows bullish divergence and reversal candle similar to 2016 bottom.

Once the ratio trades above 30 ema expect sentiment in PM sector change.

This ratio along with XAU to gold ratio has been in bear trend wince 1980. Yes 1980. Both ratios are down from when gold price was even lower than today.

A 36 year line chart shows clear downward trend for both ratio. Over last 36 years gold has performed well compared to the ratios. Thus making investment in miners unprofitable.

Will this change?? Watch yield spread. When yield spread changes to widening it may have positive effect on SGR thus on XAU to Gold ratio. Notice Cua to gold ratio tracks SGR over the years.

Is This Really Possible? Maybe someone can explain it to me.

I would be most grateful:

“Story of a Gold Coin” by Hugo Price (The Third Richest Man in Mexico)

Q Epilogue

I am not posting this to ridicule anyone who was caught up in this particularly peculiar “cult”

As this author points out…Its easy for many of us to get hooked .

I admit I was hooked in a cult…for years …. the Goldbug Conspiracy Cult.

Many of you were as well. And unlike this Q Phenom ….it cost many their financial freedom !

Fortunately for me I hooked up with Rambus before it was too late and learned Chartology and that has saved me.

I personally know of and have been told many stories of financial ruin by those who were taken in and refused to get out.

That is the raison d’etre for Goldtent TA Paradise…. So we wont get fooled again.

This is a repeating Theme…The latest Cult to inflict financial pain on so many who were caught up in it is the Crypto Mania.

There will be more. Will you be aware or will you be a victim ?

Some say we were all hoodwinked again by the “Gurus” 3 years ago in 2016 when the PM Space went Nuckin Futz

BUT some actually profited big time as they were aware that these manias can be fleeting…and sold when the charts said so.

Bottom line..there will always be pied pipers and true believers.

Each of us is responsible for deciding either to follow or to take independent action based on whats in the Charts

or in the case of Q whats Not !

It’s ALL in the Charts IMHO

Who’s Next ?

The Golden Triangle….Revisited

A while back we were all following this incredibly symmetrical Right Angled Triangle

It broke out and then fizzled.

Well look where it retested…Right at the Apex

And now 3 white candles

A Very Bullish Looking Chart.

Nice perspective 9 year charts: Gold in GBP, Gold:UDN and gold up, USDX up..

Here is the 9 year gold chart in GBP for you Brits (and others):

Stuck in a trading range but a nice move over the key line of £959 last week. The upper two blue lines represent the range of lows during the top between 2011-203 when £959 was key final support. That range was £959-1005. Doesn’t look two bad but gold is still stuck in this £909-1005 range for the while. £909 was the minimum since the rally in early 2016, actually hit twice. A further breakdown into the £700-900 trading range looks unlikely from my eyes but potentially higher GBP gold prices in future could be due to weakness of GBP rather than strength in gold:

However, when I see a rally in gold in USD, I always take a look at the Kitco Gold Index (gold vs some index of the denominator of the USDX) or gold:UDN, which is about the same, gold versus the inverse ETF for the US dollar index. This has also popped up well but not broken out, so it is still range trading:

Looking at the USDX itself, I see that gold’s recent up-move is in the face of a dollar rally, not mentioned by many commentators. This 9 year dollar chart also puts the hyped US dollar weakness into perspective: what weakness? USDX is over 96.

Gold has performed very well in the past few weeks, rising in the face of a rising US dollar, whereas in previous months it rose very little on the dollar weakness into early 2018 and then swooned as the $ turned higher. That is not the case right now. Despite this promising short-term action, the jury is still out on gold’s performance against the USD overall::


NYA bubble popped

In jan of this year NYA bubble along with DOW and many markets popped.

Ever since NYA had not tested the previous high.

High RSI combined with high ADX is a warning that market will reverse course and risk is very high.
Thats what happen?????

Kirkland Lake Gold

New All Time High

Lets Go Mojo

There’s a Gold Rush brewing

Well How Do You Do ?

Yesterdays Potential breakout has become Todays Done Deal

You Go Barrick Gold !

Plunger has been calling a Post Bubble Contraction . He has been posting his thesis at Rambus Chartology

He has recently been buying select Gold Miners. His picks are at the Chartology Forum. These Stocks have been Flushed like turds .

YOU GO Plunger

Is Inverted Yield Curve Bullish for Gold?

Is an Inverted Yield Curve Bullish for Gold?