What U Gonna Do Now ?

Buy Hold Sell ?

U.TO is a proxy for uranium the metal. many of us have positions in U Miners

Is this going to break thru ? Or is this a repeat of last year ?

To say this looks like strong resistance is an understatement


I swore off NATGAS but couldn’t resist this BO

This has been a good trade…anybody else take it ?

sold half here

Cryptocurrency watch

The value of cryptocurrencies just exceeded $500 billion. For comparison, that is more than the GDP of Sweden (according to Wikipedia’s latest figures).

Investopedia Article


In light of Graddhy’s post, here’s a FBO I’ve been watching, very interested to see how it closes the week.

Coming around the apex moves / FBOs bonanza – update

I have posted on a couple of times – first time on Oct 26 – that I saw an around the apex moves / FBOs bonanza coming up in PM as a reversal, and also in many other parts of the commodity complex, see link below.

Below we have the ultimate ones with regards to PM, i.e. a couple of them forming on $GOLD; a FBO plus one black and one blue coming around the apex move. And one of them, the blue one, is just now sniffing the lower resistance line of my blue falling wedge. I think we are up for stylish around the apex moves here.

The chart to the right below shows a beautiful setup with a stretched move in the form of a FBO into the YCL with coming double around the apex moves; blue and black.

Other examples of FBOs and coming around the apex moves within PM are the ones below. Charts borrowed from Alex33´s nice post linked below. My drawing in black.

See my Big Picture Series roadmap posts for where we are and where we are going, updated collected list linked below.
I have 100+ roadmap charts in these posts and they are all on track.

Do note that my blue falling wedge above on $GOLD is also the BT pattern to my 6 year trend line, linked below, i.e. this blue falling wedge can be seen as a large bull flag BT to my 6 year trend line. And looking at it like that, this setup is extra bullish.

You Can Checkout Any Time You Like But You Can Never Leave

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Entertainment For Insomniacs


What are you waiting for ?

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Currencies Bullish ?

Everybody and his Donkey are Bearish the US Dollar and by extension must be Bullish on the other Currencies.

I have not seen a Bullish US Dollar post here or anywhere really for a LONG time. So I asked my Donkey what he Thought and he just stared blankly and dropped a load of Donkey Sh!t….

I took this information and decided to look to see if there are Monthly Currency Charts that are Bullish…Mojo ( He’s a real Ass you know) doesn’t think so.





Of course everybody knows a Donkey don’t know his Ass from a hole in the ground…

Just Horsing Around ( Actually the little idiot is freezing his ass off right now as its minus 20 C here and he wont wear his coat.)


Fully ( running against the herd )

Spock: beam me up Scotty!

Nice to see a face behind the website…


Disclosure; I just got off the phone and I had a nice conversation with Mike Stark, Director and Chairman of Canamex. He said that new updated PEA coming out soon. He also informed me that you must be a shareholder in Canamex to purchase those gold crypto-tokens that will be issued.

We are there

I have said for maybe 1,5 years that I see everything non-US dollar start to go up together for quite a while at some point, see link below. I think we are there now. $USD dropping towards my first PO of circa 80 will get this moving.

I have also said for circa 1,5 years or so that I think that SM will have a blow off before PM, that would make sense to me for many reasons.

I have been looking for a very left translated next yearly cycle for the $USD for six months before we got it. And I have said that I think we have got it now and that I believe that the yearly cycle topped at the top of my purple bear flag, below. I called the top for good in the $USD a year ago now, at the exact top. I called for PO 80 in the same month. I think the real US dollar crisis has begun now.

I have said for many months that I do not think $GOLD goes below my 6 year trend line, below. I have also written about why. I have also said that I was looking for a YCL for $GOLD and now I think we have got it.

I am now looking for the $USD to start dropping through my long standing thin zone and for $GOLD, and most other things, to start a major move.

This would mean that the charts are turning dead on where my charts in my roadmap post on the K wave says they will, below.

See my Big Picture Series roadmap posts for where we are and where we are going, updated collected list linked below.
I have 100+ roadmap charts in these posts and they are all on track.