CDC Drops the RT-PCR Test as It Doesn’t Differentiate COVID-19 & Influenzas

We have been aware of this for a while but this is a New Piece from Trial Site

$5 a month subscription required. Well Worth it . But I’m posting this in the comments section

This seems like a pretty big deal give the WHOLE Covid SCAM was predicated upon the results from this Test which was hastily “approved” almost immediately after the “Pandemic” was “Declared”

Now it has been admitted by the “Authorities” that these tests

1…were virtually ALL false positives above 30 Cycle Threshold ( They used 40 plus)

2…do not differentiate between the flu and covid

3…continue to spit out false positives up to 12 weeks after infection

4….not yet admitted but we know that the virus has never been isolated and therefor a test is not possible

5…not yet admitted but the Nobel Prize winning Inventor of PCR ( Keri Mullis ( deceased) ) stated clearly his test cannot detect a pathogen nor equate said pathogen with a “disease”

6…In other words the tests were complete BULLSHIT and so is the “Pandemic”

So…this is a pretty big deal that they have been withdrawn .

One wonders what the replacements will be. It seems like the CDC and FDA are leaving it up to each individual lab to chose an alternative test…WTF ?