Alan Stevo is an anti mask crusader at Lew Rockwell . He is responding to a reader who is lamenting her husband has to wear a mask at work…It’s a long article and I know not everybody likes long articles BUT I had to cut and paste This part because everybody needs to read it. Personally I have lived my life trying to get along and not make waves and avoid confrontation but NOW is NOT the TIME for THAT.

Finally, Count Your Blessings That You Live In A Blue State

I live in the most locked down, goofy-liberal place on this planet. It is the epitome of what communism in America will look like if public health officials are given much more time at the reigns of societal control. If anyone wants to know what the future bodes if you don’t stand up today, write me and we’ll spend a weekend together touring this sad and decrepit place that once had such a powerful effect on shaping the world — not in one world altering industry, not in two world altering industries, but in at least three world altering industries.

And with all those blessings, the technocrats and communists and other anti-social low lifes said “enough is enough.” They’ve done so much to ruin this wonderful place. But I have news for them. An awakening is coming and it started here. It started right here and it is spreading so fast I can hardly believe what I’m seeing.

We will end up more free on the other side of Covid communism than we were on the front side of it. Why? Because that’s the kind of people we are. Not every person, not most people, but lots of people and a plentiful enough amount have woken up and will not tolerate this any longer.

The tyrant has overplayed his hand, as every tyrant has done in all human history. The media is so full of foolishness, but even that I count as a blessing. With every increasingly ridiculous pronouncement across the airwaves I can hear the death rattle of the globalist regime.

It has been, and may continue for some time to be, a challenging period of life since the Ides of March 2020, since the implementation of corona communism, a challenging period that part of me will be happy to leave in the dust, but I also know how strong I will be for having lived through it, stood through it, and fought through it, and I know how glorious the other side of that victory will be, because I lived life and spoke truth and brought courage with me in my every step.

I am blessed to live in the place I live. And though I don’t know you, dear reader, by mentioning the term blue state negatively, I worry you may be missing the same recognition of your blessings.

I can tell you this. When the park rangers show up for people not wearing masks while exercising in a public place, I sure am glad I live in a blue state. When the cops show up because someone is asking too many questions about the health orders, I sure am glad I live in a blue state. When an activist doesn’t back down and takes a matter to court and no one shows up to represent the state, I sure am glad I live in a blue state. When I have a meeting and three times as many show up as I thought would show up, because they are so fed up, and EVERY SINGLE PERSON is highly motivated, I sure am glad I live in a blue state.

The lines between the sheep and the lions are so much more clear in the blue states. I’m not here to escort the sheep, I’m here to wake the lions. The almost farcical law and order of a blue state is a different beast than in a red state. Disobedience is the norm and has long been, dissent is the norm and long has been, not totally fitting in is the norm and long has been.

Blue state is not worse, and red state is not better. There are trade-offs. Recognize your blessings and play to those blessings.

I hope you write me many more times, but I hope you never write me again about the misery of living in a blue state. We all know the ways they suck. What they truly are, just like any other place and any other time, is an opportunity to rise to the occasion.

There are people in every place and every time who really suck. Sucky people are not the variable in the equation. Sucky people are the constant. Sucky people exist just as certainly as the sun will rise in the morning. The variable in every time and place is the leadership and resolve shown by people who don’t suck.

Any place that sucks, sucks because of a lack of leadership from the people who don’t suck. That is the variable.

Recognizing that, you, singlehandedly can be the force for good that moves to alter the trajectory of yourself certainly, your family possibly, your community perhaps as well, and who knows, perhaps you, dear reader may be able to one day look back in awe at the life you lived and to see how you changed the world as you know it.

But it ain’t gonna happen with you wearing a mask, keeping obedient, trying to not rock the boat, and saying “If only I lived in a better place.”

Nope. That’s not how it works. You are where you are. Until the spirit moves you elsewhere, you are where you are. Even then, in that other imperfect place, you are where you are. That is your place to steward. The resources placed in your hands are for you to steward. The people around you who look to you for leadership are for you to steward.

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