Good article…Researcher says the mRNA Vaxxs are safe because mRNA is fragile and will not remain in system long BUT also says there is NO proof they actually work to produce antibodies strong enough to be able to neutralize a virus nor how long this will last even if they are produced.

How freaking weird is it that they never even took blood tests for antibodies in the “trials”

They literally just asked who had flu like symptoms , then compared the numbers from the test group and placebo group.. The answers were highly “subjective” by definition…Is that science ?

This researcher said, she herself would not take the Vaxx for at least a year because it will take that long to understand if it actually offers any protection.

Another Question…Shouldn’t YOU be doing Animal Experiments Now…even though you didn’t have “Time” to do animal trials …you now have all the time in the world.

So Just immunize some Poor Chimps or whatever and then challenge them with the “wild” virus ( can you find some?)

And see how they react…If they die…it’s better to know now …isn’t it ?