Thanks Sally

Good one to pass on to all your contacts…especially those who support the Vaxx Passports …Covidiots
think they are safe amongst the vaxxed

Looky Looky…Imperial College and the Lancet …Two of the most Suspect Organizations and they publish This ? IS THIS NOT A TESTAMENT TO THE INSANITY OF THE VAXX PASS MANIA ? SHITHEADS !


A year-long study from the Imperial College London published in The Lancet on Thursday found that the Delta variant is still highly transmissible within a vaccinated population.

“We found that susceptibility to infection increased already within a few months after the second vaccine dose … so those offered a booster should get it promptly,” Lalvani said.

Fully’s Comment…ah…what the Hell…just leave the needle in your arm and top up every morning…that’ll do it !!