Trump Rally in UDOW ( The 3X Dow Bull ETF)

Look No Slippage / Decay

How many here are like myself …so focused on PMs and

Could never consider buying the Dow at these “Insane” levels.

This is quite a phenomena we are witnessing.!

How many Dow crash alerts and oomens and dire 1929 anal logs have we seen for the last 5 years….that have kept us out and or burned our shorts….The Shorts are still out there. until the shorts go away or die of starvation, the Dow will be KING

Rambus calls this “The Most Hated Bull in History.”

Its a 1 Year Anniversary of the “The Jaws of Life” Breakout…. here

Personally I had no interest in Playing the Dow ..Last March when this was posted The PMs were on fire…

I put the Jaws of life on Ignore and focused on The PMs…what a ride ! But alas

Classic case of the Tortoise and the Hare

Rambus is my Bud from the Ozarks. Ever since I have hooked up with him his Long term Charts have been Provocative and always On Point.

He hides away in his Homestead in the Mountains , blocks out all Noise from other sources and finds the Medium and Longer term patterns in the geometry he studies. He says all you need to do to ultimately succeed in this game is find ONE real good longer term trend and ride it. The tough part is the riding.

Anyhow…just another shout out to The Mountain man…for his Jaws of Life Posts.

Which actually began over 2 years ago at Rambus Chartology