Don’t always try to understand
Just Find a Place to make Your Stand
And Take it Eeeee zeeee



Love you bro

But this article you posted below is just more fear porn.

I submit we dispense with this kind of crap, and stop giving a platform to these sociopathic maniacs…which just gives them a hard on and more power.

Automatic Guillotines
Re Education / Concentration Camps
Power Grid Destruction
Internet goes dark
6.5 Billion Mass murders
Food Chain Destruction !
Zombification of Humanity
Malicious Aliens
Financial Collapse

We are getting too deep in the Rabbit Hole IMO

I do not want to give a platform to deranged psychopaths like the one you just posted.

This Covid / Political Discussion Journey actually began for me because I was trying to find and post GOOD NEWS…but found any GOOD NEWS was being censored….we were NOT allowed / encouraged to be happy anymore… off we went down the rabbit Hole .

Now Half the Country is Living in Fear of a Virus that they want the Powers that B to STOP (and believe they know how to do that .)

The other half is fast starting to live in fear of being killed by Gestapo or Starvation or hauled off to Concentration Camps to be tortured .

This is now out of control and I would like these disgusting dire intentions and predictions by these disgusting dire people to not get any airtime here at the Tent.

I am in the camp that believes we get what we think about by and large.

The Law of Attraction. …It’s like the Law of Gravity only even more powerful .

Worrying is just using your mind to create something you do not want.

Personally I have been a big beneficiary of all the Covid research we have posted here.

Primarily because I have NOT been living my life in FEAR like almost every body Else on the planet.

We have brought perspective to this thing.

On the other hand the irrational / idiotic / cruel response from the Covidiot “Health Officials” has been maddening to say the least

On the third hand , Anger is not a pleasant emotion to live in , only marginally better than fear and despair .

So now I am working on That. I find if we just accept that people have to learn by experience and we focus on solutions more than he problems we have identified …the anger dissolves and life becomes worth living again.

An example today is the Spock Post that the Real Great reset has already been set in motion by a group of brilliant people who see the potential for Crypto Finance to replace our present system and ultimately replace banks…a real new paradigm that benefits humanity instead of trying to control it. Thanks Spock and I look forward to more information on this topic.

A Blockchain Distributed Leger Decentrialized system of savings and payments with no need for politicians and banksters ..that’s our future and it is actually here and now. Honest Money ? Hell Yes ! I am sure Spock will elaborate going forward.

This is the approach I would like to see us take.

Starting with no more posts on the above horror story topics.

We will still discus Covid and We will still discuss The Election and Politics in General…

But lets see if we can find some more good stories and potential solutions instead of always dwelling on dark side.

I have found myself becoming more and more paranoid and have seen some really solid rational guys here doing the same.

I have had days of depression ( and I don’t DO depression)

I hope you all can see that this is where we are now.

Time to make the best of life in spite of all we have learned lately.

Lets stop the pendulum here and begin to swing it back to the RIGHT direction

More humor …less Fear Porn

Onward Pilgrims