The Master Anti-Oxidant Glutathione degrades graphene oxide.  Glutathione can reduce the graphene to zero toxicity
750 mg of NAC is the prescribed amount (ACC200 is NAC)
NAC causes the body to secrete glutathione endogenously.  It is the most effective antioxidant.
One capsule in the morning.
Everything taken first thing in the morning is absorbed better.
NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) is a must
If you don’t want to take NAC (the precursor to Glutathione), you can take Glutathione directly. The researcher prefers NAC.
If you take Glutathione 50 mg once a day and take it in the morning.
Also take one 50 mg tablet of zinc.
NAC and Zinc taken together in the morning degrade the graphene oxide.
The researcher, Mr Delgado, has personally helped people degrade the graphene oxide which causes magnetism after inoculation using these two substances, NAC and Zinc.  The results were seen after two weeks.
Another antioxidant that could be used is Astaxanthin 5 mg.  This can be used in conjunction with NAC and Zinc and does not replace them. NAC and Zinc are essential and indispensable.
Another important antioxidant is Quercetin. Choose a high dose capsule or tablet. It is valuable because it raises the glutathione level and the level of antioxidants in general. The antioxidants deal with the recitative stress caused by the graphene oxide.
Another antioxidant that can be used is Vitamin D3 in conjunction with the essential and indispensable NAC and Zinc. Take 5,000 IU in the morning. Also helpful is to take a half hour in the morning sun.
Milk Thistle is the greatest liver and stomach protector available. It is a very good antioxidant.
Next is a radioprotective supplement, pure Melatonin, 1 mg, taken at night. It helps to recover sleep cycles which is necessary because the electromagnetic fields inhibit your body’s own melatonin.
NAC and Zinc are essential and must be taken in the morning with food. The other substances are optional, but recommended. They would be taken in the morning as well.  Except Melatonin which is taken at night 20 minutes before bedtime.