Fully Asked me for an update .

Yes, it feels like we are making a turn here, fingers-crossed. There is another raft of stats that demolish the MSM narrative. And you have already observed much of it on goldtent. Here is my general view of the themes that dove-tail with this and that have helped contribute to the fightback:

– Government hypocrisy, dishonesty & incompetence; The conservatives are on 20 illegal parties during lockdown. I think Labour are on 2 or 3 now. (The press are wreaking havoc. I am worried that there will be a palace coup that puts the lockdown hawks back in power. But I don’t yet sense any organised forces at work).

– The massive Shropshire by-election loss for the govt represented these themes:


– It is an open secret that the govt’s private polling shows the public have had enough. Even Labour voters (the UK’s Democrat Party) have had enough.

– Govt and MSM lies simply don’t match up to people’s daily experience. Sufficient numbers can now see this is not a deadly pandemic and many know people damaged by the vaccine. Many of my family and friends will not be getting any more jabs because they can see they don’t really work.

– Grass roots activism has begun to harness this public anger. I helped in this campaign a little, which is trying to direct this anger into the polling booth:


– The Trusted News Initiative newspapers have softened massively too. Even the Guardian (like the NYT here) which wanted us all locked down for-ever now publish balanced articles:


– Media and opinion formers who represent us have damaged the MSM and changed the narrative hugely: GB News, Talk Radio, Russell Brand (surprisingly), Matt Le Tissier, Neil Oliver and many more. They are openly spreading the message now. GB News in particular interview Drs Malone, Yeadon etc…

– Reform UK is a new political party that I have worked with (it spun out of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party). It is essentially a Brexit style populist party. Richerd Tice is the increasingly impressive leader:


ReformUK are polling near 20% in some really important swing seats equivalent to Pennsylvania in the USA. Both the Conservatives and Labour know they have a fight on their hands and need to drop lockdown policies, masks in schools, as well as their green policies which are slapping huge energy bills on the public.

So all this and much more account for a turn here. It may pick up steam. I even wonder if the government may U-turn on mandatory vaccines for NHS staff. Everyone can see it makes no sense and will lead to many needless deaths from cancelled operations etc…

Many European countries have similar protest movements. But sadly to no avail. Given this, I don’t think anyone can afford NOT to ask this question:

Why is the UK and much of the USA living in relative freedom, when Germany, Austria, France, Italy and many more countries have now finished their journey back to fascism?

Australia and Canada have been the big surprises. But I believe both of these have their explanations; Australia has long been subverted by China. Almost every Govt institution and large business in Australia is influenced by the CPC.


(It would be good to know Fully’s thoughts on Canada.)

But in the UK and many parts of the USA it seems that some quality has allowed just enough people to break free from the group think, the fear and the lies and to fight for freedom. Long may it live….

A Great Briton