According to the poll, 56 per cent of Canadians say the unvaccinated should not be pressured into getting the shot. The majority believe that if someone has not gotten it by now, they won’t, and pressuring them is creating backlash that is “worse than living with them in our communities.”

Fully’s Comment…this is a far cry from last months polls which said a MAJORITY of Canadians would like to see the Unvaxxed Quarantined in a Camp ! Thank You Truckers !!

To all of you who held on and remained Pure Bloods in spite of Pressure from Employers Unions Licencing Authorities Friends Family and especially Politicians…WOOOFREAKINGWHOOO.

And now we will be show to have been the Control Group who Prove the Vaccines are Lethal…as we watch the consequences to the vaxxed Unfold . I sincerely hope they are Not as severe as we have been shown they will be . Show NO Mercy to those who Pushed these Poisons .