Well here we are again.

Many of you have lived at The Bottomz Inn for years.

And Now just when we thought we had the match lit to light the Gold Rocket. in NOVO WE TRUST

We are Back at Witz End.

Left to Right ( The Cast and Characters from Goldtent) can you spot youselves ?

This sector is prone to fits and stops and hype doesn’t help.

We all get caught up in it…to this day….we laugh at the Bitkids because they get caught in the hype.

Well we old seasoned pros of this sector also get blinded by the glitter….and we should know better.

Its tough to sit in Miners and then see one of somebody else’s miners take off …with a great Story like “Witz2”

So we pile in with the heard and get stampeded as they turn on a dime.

Man we are a resilient bunch….we will continue to jump on the good stories and momentum Miners….all we can do is…

Position Size !!!!

Well here we are back where we started….”WitzEnd