I believe this is rather big news (item 5 below) and sorry if it’s already been posted but I haven’t seen any extensive study of this.

First, some a little stage setting and background (4 bullet points)

1) brandon recently signed up for the international travel vaccine proposal/requirements (old news by now but worth noting).




2) I posted this (pre-C19) article regarding Luciferase a month or so ago.  Basically Luciferase is a method of tagging (binding to) bodily fluids which can be illuminated for detection.  I was pretty much trying to find out if there was a connection between the vaccine and luciferase (lightbulb didn’t come on until today – link 5 below).

08-01-2019 Luciferase


3)   Please also read this ‘fact checking’ article from the AP on what is Luciferase.  They explicitly claim it is NOT an ingredient in the vax but admit is has been used as a tracking tool in vaccine studies.  I would mention that this article mis-represents and is dismissive of  argumentative connections between patent xxx060606x and potential control of a person’s ability to conduct commerce.


The purpose of this section of the post is NOT to focus on any connection patent 060606 has with Luciferase but mainly to state that a connection has been asserted by many and was ‘worthy’ of an AP ‘fact check’ piece.

Top goog results regarding “Patent 060606”.  (bold and italics are mine)


2020-03-26  (covid hits US)
Please read “Claims” 1-15 on the right side of the patents.goog page above – basically it describes a bio-chip implant with blockchain technology.
This pre-covid article below was FILED 6/20/2019 and furthers the connection between ability to conduct commerce associated with a ‘mark’ or identifier.  It was not published until March 26, 2020.  Same dates as patent application above.
“The document appended here — an “International Application Published Under the Patent Cooperation
Treaty (PCT)” — falls among the many “unprecedented” events witnessed during COVID-19. It was filed June
20, 2019 with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) under the PCT and its international
publication date was March 26, 2020.”
The ‘mark-of-beast’ article doesn’t ‘name’ this dye (I suppose not to go off topic and pile on the layers of ‘conspiracy’):
“Well, yeah, there was that dye. Oh, yes, and according to the researchers at MIT it did contain “quantum
dots” (McHugh et al. 2019) — “near-infrared light-emitting microparticles . . . invisible to the eye
but [that] can be imaged using modified smartphones”. The purpose? “By codelivering a vaccine, the
pattern of particles in the skin could serve as an on-person vaccination record” (Trafton 2019
referring to McHugh et al. 2019).”
Focus on words “….can be imaged using modified smartphones….” and the documented year 2019 (pre-covid).
December 2019 (just before Covid)
http://Simple Smartphones to Record the Data The researchers have developed an inexpensive smartphone with near-infrared imaging capability. These smartphones detect signals from the quantum dot dyes.
I don’t want to get off topic here but please read this also.
          KEY POINTS of interest
1) It mimics a fully processed mature mRNA
2) Recommended Storage at or below -40 C
3) …..research use only, not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures or for use in humans
inhalable mRNA  –  January 04, 2019?

NOW FOR THE POINT of this POST and WHY there is an ‘useful’ application of Luciferase in relation to proof of vaccination status.

5) Rumble video from HopeGirl, which pretty much ties together all of the information above.


Hope some of the tenters here finds this informative, especially when travelling internationally.

Stay well my friends !!