MUST READ !!…. The whole piece is Brilliant and True. The Scamdemic is Well and Truly OVER in the USA
and the UK is not far behind…It will take a while for other Countries to catch on ..Canada and Australia will probably be last to catch on because they have the highest % of absolutely sucky wimpy sheeple !!

what this shows is is a disease that’s over and going to wind down and go endemic.

how it fares in future years in terms of evading acquired immunity (it has certainly evaded vaccines already) is an open issue, but i think the odds on bet is that yes, it will be somewhat evasive, and no, that is not a threat to anyone.

it’ll be like other coronaviruses, widespread, mutating somewhat, and mild to the point of being more annoying that anything else. it’s going to become a cold.

children will get it at a time when it poses them almost no threat.

they will acquire immunity as they do to 50 other common childhood infections. they may get it again later, but it will be mild because the immunity, while not perfect, will be cross reactive.

the same will be true of the adults. i have heard of VERY few cases of SARSCOV-2 reinfection that were in any way severe. the odds on bet is that this will persist, just as it does in the other big 4 of circulating covid colds.

that means this is over and it’s time to stop paying attention, testing, freaking out, or even noticing.

it’s time to return to the classics of

take care of yourself and your health

if you feel ill, stay home

wash your hands

live your life

further hypochondria driven OCD is not public health.

adherents to a crumbling narrative change jerseys following what looks to be a gompertz curve.

the early stirrings are easy to miss if you are not paying attention.

welcome to the steep part.

suddenly, cases are a bad metric, hospitalizations are mostly incidental, deaths are focused in the highly comorbid, and we need targeted protection. huh.

even notions of natural immunity, that much maligned and obfuscated concept lo these last 22 months are suddenly in the air and being tracked and modeled by the very same people who were recently denying it and telling you that only vaccines could generate herd immunity.